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1/4" TRANR 3' x 6.5' Rubber Mats Reviews

1/4" TRANR 3' x 6.5' Rubber Mats
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  Great for Heavy Treadmill
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in In bedroom on hardwood floor under treadmill.
JK from Madison, WI wrote...
Don’t write reviews let alone for just a treadmill mat but the service and quality motivated me. Had read independent articles that best mats for quality and environment, 100% rubber and at least a quarter inch thick. This recycled rubber mat from a Wisconsin company was one of very few options for such a mat with the dimensions I needed. Actually spoke with someone at the TRANR company a couple of times. She was extraordinary responsive and helpful in answering all my questions, let alone for such a small residential sale. Even sent out samples. Once ordered the mat through Rubber Flooring it was shipped immediately. As per instructions some may want to air it out for a few days if the odor from 100% recycled rubber bothers you. Mat exactly what hoped for. Much higher quality then all I have seen made with synthetic materials. Felt compelled to write a review. Not too often these days that one gets this type of response from a company, let alone one that is making such a high quality product from recycled tires.
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Verified Purchase
David Y. from Green Bay, WI wrote...
This is the 2nd time we’ve purchased exercise mats. Very positive experience both times. The mats are easy to clean and great for our workouts consisting of weights and HIIT.
results 1-2 of 2
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