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Legacy Carpet Tiles Reviews

Legacy Carpet Tiles
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Customer Reviews
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Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Kansas wrote...
These tiles look and feel nice. I think they're a great short-term solution to gross flooring.
  Looks good
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
Thin tiles, but they look nice.
  Great quality product
Self-installed in Basement
Barbara from Missouri wrote...
This product is cheap but also a decent quality. It transformed our basement.
  Different than expected
Teresa from Wilmington, Delaware wrote...
It wasn't the best of the best, but for the price it makes sense.
  Nice carpet tiles
Alicia from Buffalo Grove, Illinois wrote...
Low cost, very thin but easy to put down. Get some extra tape so they stick extra. Otherwise, you get what you pay for
Douglas from Ocala FL wrote...
Installed in utility closet over concrete. Looks great. Added tape for extra stick.
  Temporary floor
Claire from Boise wrote...
I needed something that was cheap enough to last a few months but could be replaced when I got the money for a longer lasting floor in my family room. This will do the trick, for a bit.
  Great company
Anonymous from Washington wrote...
Love the carpet and had great customers service working with Holly.
  Nice product
Self-installed in guest bedroom
Tricia from Ohio wrote...
The carpet looks beautiful in our guest room!
Self-installed in Office
Jason from Raleigh wrote...
Feels soft and looks like they'll hold up over time.
  Love it
Maddie from New York wrote...
The Legacy carpet tiles are beautiful! Very happy with this floor.
  Glad I purchased
Anonymous from Florida wrote...
These were a great update in my den.
  Easy to install
Anonymous from Nebraska wrote...
Thanks for a great product!
  Good choice
Anonymous from New York wrote...
These are perfect for my basement
  Good product
Self-installed in office
Shiann from New Mexico wrote...
These carpet tiles are lovely. Really great purchase!
  Time will tell
Victor from Clayton, Missouri wrote...
It fit within my budget. Happy so far
  Very easy
Self-installed in office
Harry from Tulsa wrote...
This was super easy to install
  Quick Solution
Harold from Hillsborough, TX wrote...
If you're looking for a quick and easy solution to a flooring problem, these tiles get the job done.
  Great service
Self-installed in basement
Adam from Mississippi wrote...
We put the gray color in our basement and it looks great. The shopping experience was excellent.
  Great peel and stick carpet
Self-installed in Home
Brittany from Lake Charles, LA wrote...
Easy peel and stick carpet.
results 1-20 of 24
1 2