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12mm Mohawk RevWood Plus Sawmill Ridge Laminate Reviews

12mm Mohawk RevWood Plus Sawmill Ridge Laminate
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$65.93 Case
reg: $5.45 sqft
case $87.91
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Average Rating 5.0/5
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  Waterproof Laminate!
Self-installed in living room
Robert from Louisiana wrote...
I didn't know they made waterproof laminate until now! It was easy to install and it looks really great!
  SO Happy
Kristin from NY wrote...
I wanted a beautiful wood floor upgrade and spent a lot of time researching the types of floor available to me and what would be best. I was worried that real hardwood would be obviously a large investment up front but I was also concerned with the scratch possibilities and everyday wear and tear. I was happy to find a product that looks like wood and has a bunch of added benefits to protect the floor and lengthen it's life. (my happiness too!)
  Holding up
Anonymous from CA wrote...
More durable than I thought they would be
  Laminate ?
Kaylin from Breckenridge, CO wrote...
The idea of a waterproof laminate seems contradictory, but these floors impress. My mind has been changed forever about laminate.
Self-installed in living room
Douglas from Raleigh wrote...
I didn't know they made laminate waterproof! Looks like it's a good quality and will last! Great!
  Happy customer
Self-installed in kitchen
Jenny from Boston, MA wrote...
Love the way our new floor looks! Great product!
results 1-6 of 6
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