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Practice Dance Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Practice Dance Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can these tiles go on top of carpet, or should they be placed on a hard surface?
The dance tiles will function best over a flat, solid surface. High pile, residential carpet can cause the tiles to not lay flat and the interlocks to not interlock. You can put plywood down between the carpet and dance subfloor for a solid surface.
Will this scuff up the wood flooring?
The bottom of the tiles are plastic so you may choose to put down something in between the tiles and your wood flooring such as an area rug for a layer of protection.
How are the "Portable Practice Dance Tiles" different from the "Modular Grid-Loc Tiles" ?
The main difference between the Practise Dance Tiles and the Modular Grid-Loc Tiles is that there are more colors available with the Modular Grid-Loc Tiles.
How durable are your dance tiles? I want to use them in my garage but also expect to park my car in there while I'm not using it as a dance floor.
The dance tiles are durable and while not specifically designed for garage use, can handle the weight of a car. You should not turn your tires on the tiles or pull into the garage too fast, as it could moved the tiles or loosen the vinyl surface from the base of the tile.
Will these tiles stand up to line dancing with hard soled shoes ?
Judy Fritsch
Our Practice Dance Tiles are great for Hard soled shoes.
Can these tiles go directly on the ceramic tile floor for hip hop dance? Do I need to buy some kind of cushion under these tiles?
These tiles can be installed directly over top of ceramic tiles. We would recommend some sort of underlayment between them and the ceramic tile to provide a small amount of cushion to help lessen noise and act as a filler for large grout joints.
We are re-doing the kitchen floor and would like a floor like this, that is gentle on human joints. Our kids dance a lot, and we are wondering if this type of floor would be suitable for a kitchen.
These tiles can definitely be installed in a kitchen. The tiles are a hard, durable plastic which makes them great for dance. However, we would recommend putting down a foam tile subfloor underneath which would provide some cushion for your joints.
Would I be able to use it on top of a solid wood raised stage that is 4 feet x 4 feet which is one foot high. Or would it slide off? Is it safe for Ballroom dancing?
Small spaces could potentially not stay in place depending on dance style or how much movement is happening on the tiles. These tiles are ballroom dancing approved.
I'm trying to find flooring for my daughter to practice pointe at home. I'm concerned about the tiles not being seamless. Has anyone used this for pointe and what do you think of it?
For a seamless floor, we'd recommend using our 3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor. This is one large piece without seams.
Can these dance tiles be installed directly over concrete?
Do they hold up against moisture
The tiles are plastic, so they will not absorb anything.
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