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Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls
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$36.75 Linear Foot
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linear foot $49.00
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will the turf be too hot for dogs to walk on in the hot Florida sun during the summer?
In direct sunlight, our Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls can become warm under the dog's paws. What we recommend is watering the turf every hour or so during the hottest parts of the day to keep it cool. You can also add our Hydrochill infill to your turf to keep it cool all summer long. Once installed, all you would need to do is water the turf every so often to reap the benefits of this infill.
Can the pet turf be used indoors, or does it have a smell that would prevent indoor use?
Our Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls can be used indoors and out. There is no real smell to our turf rolls.
We live in West Virginia with weather ranging from hot summers to snowy winters. Will the turf hold up in extreme weather? Also, we have two standard poodles, will it hold up to the dogs running and pooping? How do you clean the poop?
Diane Murdock
Our Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls have been installed all over the US and Canada with great success. This turf is designed for outdoor use and will stand up to anything mother nature throws at it. This fake grass was designed with pets in mind and is the perfect turf for any home with furry friends. The blades on this turf have been designed not to poke pet's paws and are very easy to clean and maintain. When cleaning up feces, we recommend cleaning it the same way you would on natural grass. A pooper scooper is your best friend. For urine or any runny feces, you hose the turf down with a mild soap and water solution and spray our Pet Fresh spray to keep it smelling clean. We also recommend using our Zeolite Max infill to help keep your turf smelling fresh and sanitary. This infill is best when used under and on top of the turf.
What material is used for base prep?
Mark Mehling
We recommend installing our Bermuda K9 Turf Rolls over a crushed granite base.
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