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Helios Deck Tiles (6 Slat) Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Helios Deck Tiles (6 Slat)
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will these hold up under the heat in Palm desert ca on a roof deck, and are they easy to cut into a curve shape
These tiles are approved for use outdoors. Specialty cuts can be made using a router.
Can you install over a wood deck ?
Robin Hughes
Yes these tiles can be installed on a wood deck, provided that it is level and free from major defects.
Can I put composite deck tiles over wood?
Composite decking tiles can be installed over wood and any other surface that is densely compacted and level.
I have a wood deck that is structurally sound, including the deck boards, but they could use a power washing and stain. I'm thinking about installing this product on top of the decking. Will this product do well?
These tiles will interlock together over decking as long as it is level.
Can the deck tiles be installed over a membrane on a roof top balcony
Jim richardson
Deck tiles are not recommended to be installed directly over EPDM roofing, as any sharp pieces underneath the floor could cause it to tear. Be careful as to the substrate chosen to install these tiles over.
Can these be put over dirt, grass, gravel or old wood decking?
Jo Anne Brumback
For best results, we recommend installing the tiles over concrete to ensure they stay interlocked and do not sink in to any softer subfloor surface.
Hi, what finish/trim do you suggest with those tiles? tnx
Yan Valsky
You may buy our Helios male and female edges, and corner kits, which are available for purchase on the Helios Deck Tiles (6 Slat) product page, listed under "Accessories".
If you put this over a wood deck, how do you secure it? Does it need nails or glue? There are no railings or anything on the one edge to keep it from moving.
You wouldn't need nails or glue to secure our Helios Deck Tiles tiles to your wood deck. The tiles can be interlocked together, and the weight of these tiles will be enough to keep them from moving. Please ensure your wood deck is level and free from any defects.
Can these be installed on a finished fiberglass roofdeck that has a slight grade for drainage?
We do not recommend installing these tiles over fiberglass.
Does this make a clacking sound when walking on it? is it noisy?
Our Helios Deck Tiles will not make a clicking sound as long as they are placed on a hard and leveled surface.
Do I install 3/4" from a wall with Helios Deck Tiles?
rick Schladenhauffen
Yes, when trimming the tiles into place, we recommend you to leave about a 3/4” space between the tiles and the edge or obstruction.
can the helio deck tiles (6 slat) be used for a roof top deck. are they constructed to allow water to run under them or will they hold the water in?
Deck tiles are not recommended to be installed directly over EPDM roofing, as any sharp pieces underneath the floor could cause it to tear. The tiles do allow for drainage underneath them.
What’s the difference between Helios and Naturesort deck tiles?
Larry D.
These are two different brands with different constructions. The Helios tiles ship same or next business day.
How do I cut composite deck tiles?
To cut composite deck tiles, you can use a sharp tile cutter or a hand saw.
How do I lay composite deck tiles?
Composite deck tiles are built with an interlocking system which allows them to be easily installed and interlocked to the tile on each side. It's like an easy to put together puzzle.
Can I put composite deck tiles over grass?
Composite deck tiles are recommended to be used over a densely compacted and level surface to avoid potentially sinking in.
Do the tiles have grooves or are they smooth?
There are grooves in the slats of the tiles.
Do you have bullnose or bevel
Helios tiles do not have any edging.
are there any accessories for finishing the outside of the tiles ends
Helios deck tiles do not have any accessory/trim pieces
Do the helios tiles allow for water drainage > I want to install them on a cement balcony with a drainage grate that drains quite slowly. In the question and answer section on your website, it says that these tiles do not allow for drainage
The tiles do allow for drainage.
Can they handle the weight of a pool table?
We do not recommend placing a pool table on top of these tiles.
I have many angles on my patio how do you cut then?
To cut composite deck tiles, you can use a sharp tile cutter or a hand saw.
Can this be use over plywood without damaging the plywood with water? Meaning will this protect the plywood from water damage?
These tiles have open slats/gaps in them, allowing water to drain through them onto the subfloor below. Any subfloor beneath these tiles will get wet.
does this product have a plastic grid under the tile held together with screws
When cutting you recommended using a tile saw, would this be a wet saw? It seams like a scoring tile saw would not cut the plastic backer. Or should I use a sliding miter saw?
You would want to use a wet saw or they can use a table saw with silicone.
I have a backyard patio that I want to install these on. Are they waterproof? Can these be installed on the steps to the back patio? The steps are made out of cement.
These tiles are made to withstand everything that mother nature has to offer. They can absolutely be installed over cement.
what is the edge treatment for an exposed edge
alex werner
You can cut off the tabs if you wish.
Do you have a finished edge product to be used with the Helios tile ?
We do not.
Can I put Helios Deck Tiles on an exposed aggregate concrete patio?
Deck tiles will provide ideal results when installed over a dense, solid surface.
Are these composite Class A fire resistant?
These tiles have not been tested for fire ratings.
Can i use these helios tiles on concrete driveway and park cars on it?
We do not recommend using outdoor deck tiles in that way.
Can they be pressure washed to clean them of mold
Yes the tiles can be pressure washed.
Can these tiles be used directly on top of a flat EPDM rubber roof without damaging it?
Do not use any decking tiles over EPDM rubber roofing. The tiles have pointy bottoms and would likely damage the rubber.
Can these be laid over a rubber membrane?
The tiles have pointy bottom pieces, and may rip or damage the membrane. It would not be recommended.
Do they stay cool in the heat so you can walk on them easily barefoot?
These tiles will take heat like any outdoor item but they should still stay comfortable in normal conditions.
When installed over a treated wood will mold form after heavy rain or after a winter of snows, & Do they let the boards dry out, or do the boards stay damp???
The tiles allow liquid to flow through, air as well. They should be able to dry just fine underneath.
Do these come with any edging pieces, so there is a nice finished edge?
Renee West
Yes, we do offer edging pieces for the Helios Deck Tiles that are available to purchase separately. Please scroll down on the product page, and you will see the edging pieces under "Accessories".
Once assembled, how hard would it be to take them apart again to clean and paint the underlying tin deck? The tin overlays a cantilevered joist deck. Do you recommend them for that application?
David Clark
Our Helios Deck Tiles are built with an interlocking system that allows them to be easily taken apart when needed. or best results, we recommend installing the tiles over concrete to ensure they stay interlocked. These tiles can be used over a tin deck, provided it's leveled and has enough support underneath to hold on the weight of the tiles.
If the surface of your deck has to be level where does the water go to not cause any rotting of the wood surfaces?? Thanks
We recommend treating your wood surface before installing our Helios Deck Tiles over them to prevent rotting since our tiles have vents that will allow water to pass through them.
Georgia summer can get very hot. Can we walk on deck without footwear or does it got too hot to walk without footwear?
Our Helios Deck Tiles (6 Slat) tiles will warm up like any outdoor item but they should still stay comfortable in normal conditions. You can always spray them with water to cool them down temporarily.
We have decks that are epdm,Can these be installed over a epdm roof?
We wouldn't recommend using these tiles over an EPDM roof. Please see our Soft Flex Tiles which are rubber roof approved and can be used on your EPDM roof.
Can this tiles withstand cold winter in Michigan?
Our Helios Deck Tiles are weather resistant and will withstand winters.
I see these can be put over diodes deck boards. Anyone have problems with moisture? I see they are raised so I would think there would be enough ventilation. This is the sour side of the house in central N.Y. did anyone treat the deck (eg waterproofing spray) before laying the tiles?
We recommend staining the deck prior to installing our Helios Deck Tiles over them. These tiles do provide good ventilation as well as drainage.
We want to understand whether the tiles can be placed on a surface that is not 100% level? We plan to install the tiles over an old cement pour that has a very minor dip.
Shawn Saparamadu
We recommend installing these tiles over a level surface, to keep the interlocking intact.
I have a very rough concrete porch floor, can these tiles be installed without smooth floor? And are the tiles easy and smooth to mop?
These tiles can be installed on a rough floor, provided the floor is even to ensure the tiles stay interlocked. The tiles are very easy to mop.
What does a Helios tile weigh?
Each tile weighs approx. 2lbs.
Can these go over a Bitumen roof?
Yes, Helios Deck Tiles (6 Slat) can be installed over a Bitumen (asphalt) roof.
The video said the tiles are insect resistant; what does that mean?
These tiles are insect resistant, meaning it won't attract insects and pests which is a common problem with traditional wood decks.
What type of metal are the screws made of? (Will they rust?)
The screws are made of stainless steel.
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