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Shaw Intellect Carpet Tile Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Shaw Intellect Carpet Tile
Our Sale Price
$159.20 Case
reg: $2.65 sqft
case $212.27
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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does carpet come with tactile strips?
This product does not come with strips.
How easily do office chairs roll over this carpet?
Office chairs will roll over the carpet, but we recommend using chair mats to protect the carpet and longevity of the floor.
Is the image in the shaw intellect carpet tiles two different shades of tile or the same shade, just turned different directions to create a pattern? Thank you.
That tile is quarter turned.
What type of adhesive is on the back of the tile? I'm putting the tiles down on a wood floor in a closet.
Roark Herron
These tiles do not come with adhesive, it would have to be purchased separately.
Does this carpet square have any cushioning
Pennie Lubbers
This is a commercial carpet tile and does not come with cushioning.
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