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Play Pad 5 Questions & Answers

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Play Pad 5
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How do these interlock? Do you need anything additional to lock them together?
The interlocking of our Play Pad 5 is very easy. The interlocking pattern of this underpad is a brick pattern. The middle notch is large enough to interlock the top or bottom or two other Play Pads. No glue or tape is used to keep them in place. Once you have achieved your desired size, you would just cut the pads to fit.
For an outdoor application under artificial grass, how do you recommend securing them to a decomposed granite base? Also, how do you secure the artificial grass to the play pad and the decomposed granite? Nails, adhesive, other options??
When installing the Play Pad 5 you will want to place the padding into the crushed granite, but you don't want to bury it. This will keep the Play Pads in place. Once you have them in place, you will then place the turf on top of the play pad using our turf seam tape and adhesive. This will provide the best hold. For the rest of your turf install you will just follow the install instructions that we provide using nails on the periphery of your turf install and staples or seaming tape and adhesive at the seams.
I'd like to install some field turf in my basement. What underlayment would I use? What type of adhesive would I use?
Our Play Pad 5 underlayment would work perfectly under your turf in a basement. To adhere the turf to the pad, you can use our 5900 Series adhesive or our Polyurethane adhesive.
What kind of adhesive do you recommend to glue down "Play Pad 5" pads to outdoor cement? Do I use the same adhesive to glue the artificial turf to the pads or do you recommend a separate adhesive?
We recommend using our Polyurethane Adhesive for any outdoor installations. So with the Play Pad 5 and the turf, you can use the polyurethane.
Can the pads be installed outside without anything installed on top of them like turf? Are they rated for exterior use with direct contact with the elements?
You can use our Play Pad 5 pads without anything on top of them. They are designed to be able to withstand the elements. You will just need to make sure you can have them held in place by either burying them in the ground or by gluing them down.
How big is each tile? How many tiles come in one box?
Each Play Pad 5 is 43.8" x 57.6" and is sold by the piece.
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