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Naturesort Deck Tiles (4 Slat) Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Naturesort Deck Tiles (4 Slat)
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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What equipment do you need for cutting tiles to fit? Want to install on wood base on outdoor balcony. Thank you!
When you come up to a wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a sharp utility knife and put the trimmed tiles into place. You can also use a large tile cutter.
Can these be installed on top of a rubber membrane roofing material?
Deck tiles are not recommended to be installed directly over EPDM roofing, as any sharp pieces underneath the floor could cause it to tear.
Can I put these right on the grass, no flooring?
You can install our Naturesort Deck Tiles (4 Slat) directly on the grass temporarily. For best results, we recommend placing the tiles over a solid, flat surface such as concrete, but these tiles can be installed virtually anywhere as a temporary solution.
Can they be put on top of concrete and be left outside thru a cold Chicago winter?
Naturesort deck tiles are made from recycled plastic and bamboo and can withstand the harsh winters found in Chicago.
Are these tiles air and water tight so that no rain or melting snow will drain out the bottom of the flooring to area below?
Our Naturesort Deck Tiles are not water tight. They do have gapping between the tiles and between the slats that comprise that tile. This allows for water to flow freely through the floor.
What is the sub-surface typically under the tiles? In other words what do you put it on top of?
Decking can be installed over existing solid and level surfaces, such as a concrete patio floor, pool decking, and even an existing deck.
I have a flat rooftop deck that needs a layer of protection if we want to have dinners on the deck. I need something in which water will drain from the roof when it rains/snows. Will these tiles work. How are they connected to each other????
These tile have interlocking tabs and will allow water and liquids to fall through
What do you use for a border, I see straight pieces in the pictures, and do you have a bullnose for steps?
These tiles do not have an edging option but they do have 2 'flat' sides. If you end up with loop sides around the border these tiles would have to be cut to remove the loops.
do the female and male edges act as a transition piece and do they come in grey ?
Yes they are reducers and only come in red.
How well does water drain from these tiles? Should I have concerns with mildew underneath?
These tiles are great for drainage and should allow water to dry underneath.
Would this product work on a bumpy roof terrace that gets rather slippery when it rains or snows? The roof terrace has multiple pitch lines and it's surface feels like the way most campgrounds do under a tent, very wavy. So our concern is that the snaps on the tiles would pop open when someone walked on them or you put furniture down.
We recommend installing Naturesort's Deck Tiles over a flat, hard surface due to the interlock used to keep the tiles together. If there a lot of peaks and valleys under the flooring surface, the tiles will have the potential to separate creating a tripping hazard.
When installing on a flat roof, would you need to use some type of adhesive to keep it from moving? If so, how would this affect its' ability to drain?
Any deck glue will work and will not effect the drainage.
Can you put them on top of pea gravel?
These tiles are recommended to be installed on a dense, level subfloor surface that will have little movement underneath, such as concrete.
Do the tiles get hot in the summer? I'm looking for a tile to lay over a concrete patio for my kids to play on, but if they are going to get super hot in the summer this may not be a good solution.
The tiles can get warm in direct sunlight similar to other floor types.
I have a concrete patio that does not get much sun so it turns green and black. Does your product turn different colors from the weather? Does it mold? Does water run under it? Can I put a picnic table on it? Thanks
The tiles are fade resistant and should not change colors and will not mold. Water can run underneath it. You can put a table on it.
do tiles get hot in sun? Can you walk barefoot on them if in direct summer sun?
The tiles can get warm in direct sunlight similar to other floor types.
can these tiles be installed over asphalt
You can install these tiles on a solid, flat surface such as asphalt.
Can this hold the weight of a hot tub?
Deck tiles can support the weight of a hot tub, as long as decking is installed over solid, flat surface.
how to trim out or finish the edges when the space isn't perfectly square?
You can use any type of saw to cut these tiles to fit.
Can this be installed over outdoor carpet that covers wood on a front porch. The porch is not level so am also wondering if that matters.
Deck tiles are recommended to be installed over level subfloors to ensure that the tiles stay interlocked together. If the outdoor carpet is a low pile, that could work.
I plan to install these tiles in a glass enclosed sun room with a swim spa inside. This room is not cooled or heated but gets very warm and humid in summer. Temperatures get above 100 degrees and 100% humidity. It also gets a lot of water which should not be an issue. My present flooring has swelled and buckled. Will this product stand up to the high heat and humidity? It will be installed over concrete.
We do not recommend installing our deck tiles in an enclosed spa/sauna like area.
Hello, can these floors be installed on a screened in porch that has advantech as the subfloor?
Helios deck tiles can be installed over any solid and level subfloor surface.
We have a large wood deck and would like to use these tiles to dress up the pressure treated (yet solid) decking. My concern is warping because it is approximately 400 square feet and if the New England winter would cause breakage?
Deck tiles are designed to be weather resistant.
Does water drip through the tiles or the connections?
The tiles do allow for drainage down through the tiles.
Is the flooring stable in high wind conditions?
Yes, the tiles are heavy.
Can these be installed over brick tiles that are a little uneven?
The more level a surface is, the better to ensure proper interlock.
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