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Durafill Questions & Answers

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Customer Rating 4.5 / 5

Customer Questions

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Is it possible/recommended to use both products in very HOT climates? Hydrochill and then Durafill on the top as infills? They both sound great would hate to only use one.
When using Hydrochill, we recommend using both Hydrochill and another infill. You would mix the two infills 50/50. So the Durafill would be a perfect mix with the Hydrochill.
I have a larger type area (approx 600sf) and three large, active dogs. The area is on about a 5% grade. Would I need to add Durafill periodically?
When applied properly, you will not have to refill your turf with more Durafill at all really. The only thing you may have to do periodically brush the turf to get any moved or loosened Durafill put back into place.
How many cubic feet are in a 50 pound bag? Are there colors other than green?
Dana Evans
Our Durafill covers approximately 33 square feet. Since this is meant to be embedded in the turf, there is not much height to the infill, so it is a little difficult to use cubic feet to determine coverage. If you go by each back covers 33 sqft which translates to 1.5 - 2 pounds per square foot, you will ensure that you have the proper coverage for your turf. Our Durafill only comes in a green color.
Would 1 bag of 50 lb Durafill be sufficient to cover a 15 ft by 6 ft synthetic putting green?
A single bag covers ~33 sq ft (the spread rate per bag is 1.5 pounds per square foot). For that size space, you would need 3 bags.
Is this product rubber or a type of sand?
It's an eco-friendly synthetic soil.
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