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Newport Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Newport Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Are your Newport Turf Rolls, UV stable and heat/frost resistant?
Our Newport Turf Rolls are UV Stable and heat/frost resistant.
Can you install over stone and can it be raked?
We recommend placing our Newport Turf Rolls over a smooth surface, whether that be hilly or flat. Depending on how jagged the stones are, you could potentially install the turf over the stones. You can rake the turf, but with a plastic rake, not a metal one.
How wide and long is this exactly?
Our Newport Turf Rolls come 7.5' or 15' wide and can be ordered in any whole foot increment needed.
How is cutting and shaping done? What tools are needed to do so? Does the cut edge fray? And do you need to treat edge to stop this and how so?
To cut our Newport Turf Rolls, all you would need is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. When you come up to the area where you need to cut; measure where you need to make your cut and fold over the turf. You will then use the utility knife and cut the back of the turf. The edge will not fray like typical carpet. Since these fibers look like grass, you will still have the same look. To get a visual representation of how this is done, we do offer an installation video for our turf products.
Is newport turf roll fire/flame and heat resisitant to hot cigarette butts? I am looking at installing it in a smoking area outside a public house.
Theresa Porter
Our Newport Turf Rolls are non-flammable. They would great in a outdoor smoking area.
Can I put a fire pit on it?
You can install a fire pit over our Newport Turf Rolls. These rolls are fire resistant.
How can the turf be cut in order to make curved landscaping corners? Are special tools needed, or is it difficult for the average person?
No special tools are needed to cut the Newport Turf Rolls around landscaping corners. To cut you will lay the full roll over the area you are trying to install the roll in and then cut the excess while leaving about a foot or so around the perimeter. You will then a cut to allow you to fold the excess over and cut the turf to fit your space with a sharp utility knife. You would repeat this process until your turf is cut into place.
Will weeds grow through the turf?
Weeds can grow through our Newport Turf Rolls, so we recommend using our Weed Fabric under it.
How wide is a roll of turf?
Our Newport Turf Rolls are 12' wide.
Can softball cleats hurt the turf?
Our Newport Turf Roll is not a high traffic rated, so we do not recommend using softball cleats on the turf. Any of our high traffic turf rolls like our Daytona or Austin Elite would be able to take softball cleat traffic with a proper install.
Can your artificial turf be used for a garage floor? How would you hold it down?
We don't recommend using our Newport Turf Rolls as a garage floor, but you could use it for that purpose. If you were to use this fake grass as garage flooring, depending on how you drive, you may see somewhere and tear where you drive in and out. To keep the blades looking more natural, we would suggest brushing them on a regular basis. Over time, it would be very difficult to get the blades to return to their natural state. To keep the turf roll in place, we would recommend using a pressure sensitive glue like our 5900 Series.
How steep of a slope can this product be installed on? I have a roadway ditch bank that is too steep to safely mow.
Our Newport Turf Rolls can be installed on any grade of slope. The turf is nailed in so it will stay in place no matter how steep the grade is.
Can your product be used over a deteriorating asphalt driveway (1200 sq ft area) for driving into a garage? The asphalt can be patched and made reasonably smooth. Want to determine if it can stand up to vehicle traffic? Thanks!
Ginger R Senter
We don't recommend a car driving over our Newport Turf Rolls. The turf we recommend for driving over are high traffic turfs which typically have a face weight of 60+.
How long is the product warranty?
joel Bridgewater
The warranty on our Newport Turf Rolls is 15 years. This warranty covers manufacturer defects.
Can you install over compacted pea gravel? Does it do well in snow and freezing weather?
We recommend installing our Newport Turf Rolls over crushed granite as this will help your turf to drain properly. We don't recommend using compacted pea gravel, but customers have used this with success. You would still want to follow the instructions that are provided on the Installation tab on this product page. Our turf is very resistant and has been installed all over the US and Canada. Our turf is freeze/thaw stable and can even handle the extreme heat of the US Southwest.
Can this be used over cement, for putting a golf ball?
You can install our Newport Turf Rolls over cement. These turf rolls can be loose laid, taped, or glued to the cement. Our Newport Turf Rolls are not the best for use as a putting surface. The fibers on this product would impede the rolling of the ball greatly. For putting, we would recommend a low pile turf. All of the products that we recommend for putting can be found on our Putting Green Turf page.
Can this be installed on a rubber-floor roof terrace? Will rainwater be able to drain underneath?
This can be installed on a roof terrace. You would want to use turf along with our Flo Through turf subfloor. Easy to install, this foam pad will not only help to move water off your roof, but will also add extra comfort underfoot.
Can this turf be applied over wood decking?
Our Newport Turf Rolls can be installed over wood decking. These fake grass rolls can be installed over any hard, flat surface.
Can you install Newport Turf on top of wood decking on a rooftop?
Amy Guterman
Our Newport Turf Rolls can be installed as flooring over a wood deck on a rooftop. We recommend using double-sided tape or glue to keep the turf in place.
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