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Newport Premium Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Newport Premium Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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We have an outdoor upper flat roof that is covered with rubber and then rolled adhesive roofing on top. Can we install the newport product over this with no problem? The deck has a slight grade to a drainage trough for continuous drainage
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls can be placed on your outdoor upper flat roof.
Does this product contain drainage holes?
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls do contain drainage holes.
Can this product be installed on a hillside? I need a product for a very difficult area in my yard.
Babs Logan
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls can be installed on a hillside. You would use the same techniques uses as if the flooring were on a flat surface.
Is the Newport Premium Turf a good choice if I have dogs that will be need to defecate on it. Will it hose off easily? Can you use any type of soap to clean it?
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls are very easy to clean and maintain even after a pet defecates on it. You can hose the turf off and you can also our Pet Cleaner or any other type of cleaner to clean up after your pet.
Does this get hot in direct sun? my kids like to play in their bare feet, and my pets will be on it constantly.
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls will get hot in direct sunlight. There are a few ways to keep the turf cool in direct sunlight. The first is to water the turf every hour or so while in use. This will help to keep the turf cool under foot. The next option would be to use our Hydrochill in your turf. You can apply this to your turf and then water it so that it keeps your turf cool. The last option would be to add shade to your yard. This will help to keep the turf from warming up during the day.
Do you shift to Toronto, Canada, and is it free delivery?
We do ship our Newport Premium Turf Rolls to Canada, but delivery is not free. To get a shipping quote for a shipment going to Canada, please contact one our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
Can you install directly on packed dirt, or do you have to purchase the zeolite max?
You can install our Newport Premium Turf Rolls over compacted dirt. To get complete instructions on how to properly install your turf outdoor, please check out the installation tab on the product page.
Can this product be placed over concrete? Like on a concrete patio?
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls can be installed over concrete. For a permanent install, we recommend using adhesive to keep it in place.
We have a lot of rabbits and squirrels in our yard that chew on things, make holes in the lawn, etc. Do you know if they would mess with this artificial grass?
Gretchen Ritter
We haven't had any issues with animals wanting to destroy our Newport Premium Turf Rolls or any other turf product we sell. Since these products are not organic, they do not have the same draw as natural grass to pets or animals.
I have a boarding kennel and need to lay some outdoor artificial turf for the dogs. If pet urine drains through, how do you manage odors? And, do you recommend putting the turf over packed pea gravel, concrete pads, scraped dirt, or what?
Don Fowler
To help mitigate odors with our Newport Premium Turf Rolls or any of our turf rolls, we recommend using our Zeolite Max. This infill would be added under the turf and also placed on the turf as well. This infill helps to mitigate smells from urine. When using this, we recommend following our instructions for the base which is a crushed gravel base. On top of this base, you would add the Zeolite Max. You would follow the instructions for it on how much and how to use it. Next, you would place the turf over the base and then add in the Zeolite Max as part of your infill package. To also help with smells we would also recommend using our Pet Fresh spray. This can be used as often as you like to keep those smells at bay.
Hi, can the turf rolls be installed on top of uneven surface (wood chips)?
George Chiu
We recommend installing our Newport Premium Turf Rolls over flat, solid surfaces. When installing over uneven surfaces, you run the risk of damaging the turf. Customers have installed our turf over uneven surfaces, but the risk of damaging the rolls is great.
Can you drive a vehicle on it ?
You can drive a vehicle on our Newport Premium Turf Rolls. When driving over the turf, the fibers will be pushed down and can get a little crushed. Typically a quick brushing can restore the look of your turf.
Can the turf be put over excessing grass or weeds? What about septic tanks?
We don't recommend installing our Newport Premium Turf Rolls over existing grass as the turf will not install properly. We recommend removing the existing grass and then following the proper installation instructions. We recommend using a base of crushed granite, but if you have soil that is compacted, you could install over that. Our turf can be installed over septic tanks.
Could I install/use the Newport Premium Turf Rolls indoors?
Our Newport Premium Turf Rolls can be installed both indoors and out.
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