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COREtec Plus XL Waterproof Vinyl Planks Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will 5 or 7" planking interlock with 12" tiles at transition from dining area to kitchen and hall to bath as long as elevation is equal.
Jeff Moyer
The Coretec will interlock with one another. The ONLY one that will not interlock with the others is the XL plank.
We have dogs and worried about scratches . How does this product stand up to pets?
While COREtec Plus products feature a 20 mil durable wear layer, no vinyl product is 100% scratch proof. We recommend trying to keep the dog's nails trimmed to help lessen the amount of scratches. If you need to fix a scratch, you can use a repair putty that is approved for vinyl floors to help fill it in.
I want to install vinyl plank flooring, and want to do it without making divisions on any of the rooms. I want it to be a continuos look without any divisions. Is that possible and/or feasible? Or do I have to stop at some point, make a division and start fresh on another room?
Coretec can be installed in large spaces without t-molding or expansion gaps.
What is the proper care/cleaning for cortec plus xl floors. Can you use a vaccum cleaner on them ?
Jan Kerth
Clean up spills immediately. You can sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove loose dirt. Do NOT use vacuums that use a beater bar or turn beater bar off.
Can this flooring be used over radiant floor heating?
Coretec is approved for installation over radiant floors.
I've noticed some vinyl plank floors have a repeating pattern that makes the finished floor look fake. How much variation is there in pattern among a single lot of core-tec vinyl planks?
Robin Welch
The pattern repeat on COREtec Plus® XL planks is 4 planks.
Can I use my robot vacuum on the floor.
Sweep, dust mop or vacuum the floor to remove all loose dirt and grit. A robot vacuum should be fine.
Can you install cabinets, island, appliances on top of this floor?
Yes you can, it is recommended that you glue those areas down.
Can this product be glued down.
This product can be glued down. Please see our installation instructions above for further information.
Do these planks contain phlalates or have VOC's
adam bessert
USFloors vinyl products are manufactured phthalate-free and contain no DOP/DEHP additives.
Can the COREtec products be installed over radiant heat with a product called Warmboard and if so can it be directly over the Warmboard /radiant heat or should one install 1/4" plywood over the Warmboard before installing the COREtec product?
It is approved, but needs to be ½” plywood over top and the temperature of the subfloor can’t get above 85 degrees.
Can you polish Cortex Plus XL to make it shine?
Do NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products.
Can COREtec Plus be used outdoors, on a Sun Deck? This would be exposed to the elements year round.
We recommend using products specifically recommended for use outdoors.
Can this floor be installed outside on a deck or porch?
This product is not rated or recommended for outdoor use.
Can you install vertically. Like a tile substitute on a shower wall
We have no specific recommendations for installation of the COREtec in a vertical application. Also, it is designed as a flooring material for indoor, climate controlled use only. It is not designed for use outside, or at the bottom of a swimming pool. While you could certainly install it that way if you want to, there would be no warranty coverage on the material or the installation.
How much weight will a plank support. Do i have to put pads under couch legs, tables. Haw about a piano?
Heavy furniture and appliances should be equipped with non-staining large surface floor protectors. This helps to disperse the weight on the floor.
I have an older cat that sometimes misses her litter box. If she urinates on the planks, will this ruin them?
Any spills should be cleaned up quickly as detailed in the Coretec maintenance PDF.
We are in a fourth floor condo. The base floor is poured concrete that is not perfectly smooth or level. Is it better to use a thinner vinyl plank or thicker, wider and longer planks?
Coretec planks can definitely help to hides some subfloor imperfections. Please see the detailed installation PDF for further information on the subfloor details.
Can this be used in a home that is not climate controlled all year round?
COREtec Plus is stable between 32 and 140 degrees. You can glue down the COREtec Plus if the temperatures are going to be below the 32 mark.
Do you need a moisture barrier under this product?
As an extra precaution, we recommend 6mm plastic. However, if you choose not to use a moisture barrier, with will not void your warranty.
Can I put an additional underlayment?
Adding any additional cushioning will void the warranty. If you have a wooden subfloor, you can add a layer of plywood to raise it up. Over concrete it gets a bit more complex, but it would need to be something rigid, like a layer of cement on top or a cement board.
Small bathroom. 4.5 x 70" Will this look okay if I use side by side and not stagger? I would have to get another box if staggered.
You must stagger vinyl planks for proper installation. Do not stagger/line planks up evenly.
I want to install over 12"x12" ceramic tile with 1/2" grout lines. The grout lines are slightly recessed lower than the tile face. Can Cortec be installed directly over the current tile floor or do I need to "float" the grout lines even with the tile?
George Vasilow
COREtec can go right over your floor.
What is the difference between Cortec Plus and Cortec Plus XL?
Coretec XL is a larger planks size.
I have an upright piano that weighs ~900 pounds. Can I put this on a coretek floor?
The COREtec Pro Plus will be better able to handle the weight of a piano that size, than the regular COREtec Plus; however, we would still recommend putting something rigid 1 1/2 - 2" bigger around than the base to help distribute the weight.
What percentage of limestone is in the COREtec XL Plus products. In a description of the product it said it has limestone in its composition. I want to know the percentage so I can compare to other SPC luxury vinyl products.
The manufacturer informed us that it's between 60%-70%.
How does this flooring hold up in a southern exposure room that gets a lot of sunlight? Can you instal this on stairs too?
Southern exposure rooms will hold up to sunlight, however, we recommend gluing the material in that area to prevent any issues (material will handle up to 140° radiant). This can be done by using a cork compliant adhesive and a 1/16” x 1/16” notch trowel. Glue down the areas where the sunlight reaches into the room and go 2ft past to allow stability in room temperature variance from direct sunlight to indirect. The adjoining material can be simply be clicked together and float installed throughout the remaining area. This flooring is suitable for stairs, please see the appropriate moldings that we offer to properly install and finish edges of stairs, listed under "Accessories" on the product page.
can this flooring be installed over carpet?
James Delaney
These planks (or any vinyl plank) can be installed on a carpet, if the carpet is a tight, low pile style. They cannot be installed over a high pile carpet since the “squish” of a plush carpet will prevent vinyl planks from locking properly.
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