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Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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can the outdoor sport tiles be put over compacted Item 4 or even grass and dirt? Or does it have to be on concrete or blacktop? Thanks!
Our Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles should be installed over a solid surface. Acceptable subfloors would be concrete and asphalt. Installing these tiles over grass is not recommended because when it rains, the playing surface will become unstable, but many of our customers have installed these tiles over grass with success.
With the outdoor sports tiles for a basketball court, how are the lines applied? Do the tiles come with pre-painted or do they need to be painted after installation?
The lines on our Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles would have to be applied after installation with either paint or with tape. You would need to measure out the size of the lines for the size court you have purchased.
Hello! I am on the ship and trying to find some kind of flooring that is suitable for our nonskid deck on the flight deck for our basketball half court. I was told they won't play until these tiles are installed for fear of bruising or having a bad fall on steel decks. Are these rubber floor tiles be good for it? Thank you for your assistance.
Our Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles would work well as basketball court flooring on a flight deck. These tiles are vented allowing water to flow from the tiles surface to the subfloor below. This helps to keep these tile very slip resistant, even when wet.
How well does a basketball bounce on these tiles?
A basketball will bounce on our Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles just as well as it would on a standard hardwood court.
Can your premium outdoor sports tiles be installed over crushed or pea gravel?
We recommend installing our Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles over a solid surface. Our customers have had success in installing these tiles over crushed granite, but installing over pea gravel could be a little tough.
Will freezing weather affect the material. I have an asphalt court that is beginning to crack. It also has some low spots that hold water at times. Would this be a good solution?
Bobby Haynes
Premium Outdoor Sports Tiles are great for outdoors and can withstand harsh weather conditions.
1)Will they clog from leaves and tree debris? 2) Are they warranteed against fading and breakage? 3) Will a blower easily move the leaves?
These tiles are porous and have small triangular gaps on the top so yes, they will clog if leaves enter the gaps. However, the gaps are really small and we've never had issues with customers getting debris inside of them. Yes, blowers will easily move the leaves. These tiles are not warranted against fading and breakage, but are covered under a 15-year limited warranty. Please see the warranty document under "Warranty" tab on the product page for more details.
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