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3/4" Shock Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
3/4" Shock Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Hi, I'm looking into making a home gym and rubber flooring in my mind is necessary. I intend on doing mostly free weights including deadlifts. This is the most important thing though with consideration to flooring, jump roping. I live in an apartment (1st floor) with carpeting. I have two questions. With regards to jump roping, I prefer the minimalist cushion possible as I prefer speed with the exercise. Do you guys offer anything that would be optimal for speed rope (minimal to zero cushioning)? Second, would the flooring damage the carpeting in any way, i.e. stains, chemical run off, etc? Please make any recommendations you feel are helpful and I'll take them under advisement. Thank you!
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles are great for speed rope and will not damage the carpeting underneath. If you were concerned that the tiles may damage the carpet, you can place a plastic sheet under the tiles. This would be suggested for installations over light colored carpet.
I would use this product for a garage gym. It looks good. My only question is whether the surface will firm/hard for me to stand on while lifting heavy weights. I cannot have the floor be "squishy."
Paul H.
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles are vulcanized tiles, which means they are harder and more durable than standard rubber flooring. So you won't have to worry about these tiles being squishy underfoot.
Are the Shock Tiles the same as the Shock Mats?
Our Shock Tiles are the same as our Shock Mats just in a smaller tile format. With these tiles, you can create custom sized matting for your space and get all of the sound and shock absorption that our Shock Mats offer.
Can these tiles be installed over radiant heated floors?
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles can be installed over a radiant heated floor.
Can this be used outdoors in a children's play area? If so, how well will it hold up under weather conditions?
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles can be used in a children's play area, but we do have products that would work better. Your can find these other products in our Playground Flooring section. These products would provide your play area with fall height ratings ensuring the kids won't hurt themselves if they were to fall.
Hi, I'm looking for rubber tiles to put over concrete floor to support a treadmill but also provide cushioning, shock absorption for plyometrics. What do you recommend?
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles work perfectly under treadmills providing shock absorption, cushion, and sound dampening. These tiles are one of our thickest tiles and are a re-vulcanized tile, making them one of our most durable.
Hi, I am looking to create a portable workout area about 3'-4'x6'. I would want to be able to lay it down then move it after I am done. I live on the 4th floor so I would need a product that muffles sound and vibration. I will be doing jump rope as well as other jumping exercises. The room where I would be putting this has wood floors. Would this product be applicable?
Workout Matt
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles would be a great floor for doing jump training while helping to deaden the noise generated below. This tile features a waffle backing that helps to channel and muffle sound as it travels through the floor. Since it is a tile, you are also able to install and remove the tiles as needed easily.
If I were to lay these down in my garage, can I park my car on top of them and move my car to workout without fear of damaging the tiles such as leaving permanent indention's?
You can drive a car over our 3/4" Shock Tiles. If you drive aggressively over them, there is a potential for the tiles to separate, but under normal driving, the tiles will hold up just fine. Outside of that, the only other thing you will need to look out for is the potential for tiles to degrade when they come in contact with oil. If you do have a car that does leak oil, we do suggest putting down a tarp where you will park your car.
Can they be made with a beveled edge to prevent tripping?
Presently our 3/4" Shock Tiles are only available in center tiles, so no beveled edged tiles are available.
I am putting in a second-floor exercise room in our office. We have some commercial carpet that I would like to leave in. Are your 3/4 inch shock tiles my best option? I am worried about sound-carry down to the 1st floor. What can I do to minimize that? I thought that leaving in the carpet would help?
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles were designed for use in areas where sound transfer needs to be kept at a minimum. These tiles feature a channeled bottom that helps to dissipate sound transfer from floor to floor. The existing carpet will also help mitigate this sound transfer as well. You may still get some noise from above, but it will be greatly reduced compared to just having the carpet in the room.
Is there any rubber smell to these tiles? I've purchased other rubber matting, and the off-gas was very strong.
There is a rubber smell to our 3/4" Shock Tiles that can be stronger than some of our other rubber tiles. To help mitigate this smell, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop. You will then want to let this air dry in a well-ventilated area. To truly get the smell to dissipate, you may have to do this a few times.
I am interested in using these under a treadmill in a condo. How much will they dampen the noise and vibration? Will the people in the condo below us still be able to hear?
Greg Zimmerman
Our 3/4," Shock Tiles are great for reducing sound transference, but they will not eliminate sound transference. Your neighbors below will still have the potential to hear your treadmill while in use.
Can a power rack and bench be placed on top of these?
You can place a power rack and a bench on to of our 3/4" Shock Tiles.
I see that shock tiles come with a beveled option. How many of the sides are beveled? I would assume that could be customized to either 1 or 2, but need to know before I make a purchase.
The number of beveled sides that come with each Shock Tile depends on the type of tile. Our Shock Tiles come in corner, border, and center tiles. The center tiles will not have any beveled edges as they will have interlocks on all sides. The border tiles will have 1 beveled edge. The other three sides will have interlocks. The corner tiles will have 2 beveled edges. The other two sides will have interlocks.
Can this be applied outside? Are they rain and heat tolerant?
Our 3/4" Shock Tiles can be installed outdoors. These rubber tiles are very durable and can withstand the elements. Rubber is very slip-resistant and more so when wet. These interlocking rubber tiles are also resistant to mold and mildew growth and are very easy to clean and maintain. Since these rubber tiles are non-porous, they can be easily sanitized. The only thing you will notice when you install these tiles outdoors is that they may fade slightly in direct sunlight.
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