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Stone Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Stone Peel & Stick Vinyl Tile
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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how can i remove stone peel stick viny tile ?Is it difficult to remove ?DO i need any special product to remove ?
fariba geiv majd
Peel and stick tiles are made with durable adhesive to ensure a strong bond to the ground beneath. If you can pop up a corner of the tile and pull it up, you may have residue left underneath that needs to be scraped away. To remove dried glue from the floor you can use either acetone or mineral spirits. You would put either on to a rag and wipe up the dried glue. You would then follow that up with a dry rag to clean off any residue. If there is still some residue left, you can use water to wipe it up. You would then follow that with a dry rag.
Can sone peel & stick vinyl tiles be used in garage like regular garage floor tiles ? are they durable enough to withstand the weight ?
Maan N.
These may not be the ideal tiles for a garage application; are garage specific tile would be ideal. However, they would withstand the weight of a vehicle, just not turning of the wheels.
What is the depth? 1/4 inch?
Our Stone Peel & Stick Vinyl Tiles are 1.2mm thick.
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