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Envee Tacky Back Vinyl Planks Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
Envee Tacky Back Vinyl Planks
Our Sale Price
$84.24 Case
reg: $4.65 sqft
case $112.32
Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can this be applied on to OSB flooring?
Can this flooring be installed under kitchen cabinets and applicants?
No need to glue down, since it already has adhesive on it, and it can go under cabinets.
Do you think this could be used in an RV?
Yes, this is able to be installed in an RV. However we do have another product that is waterproof vinyl, click and lock and is at the same price. Try this product as well (
Could this be used on stairs, and if so, how would you do the stairnose?
Yes, our Envee Tacky Back Vinyl Planks can be used on stairs but we do not offer stairnose for these planks.
Is this tile easily removable when damaged and needing replacement?
Yes, Envee Tacky Back Vinyl Planks are very easy to remove!
what is the thickness of envee tacky back vinyl plank
These planks are approx. 4mm thick.
Are the Envee Tacky Back vinyl planks waterproof?
These planks are water resistant.
I’m a renter with a very fussy landlord. Can the tacky back planks be easily removed without leaving adhesive on the underlying tile floor?
Yes, these planks can be removed easily and if glue stays, it can be cleaned with a multipurpose cleaner.
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