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FlexFit Home Fitness Mat Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.7 / 5
FlexFit Home Fitness Mat
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Customer Rating 4.7 / 5

Customer Questions

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I am looking for a mat or padding that I can install on an incline board. The board is just under 15" wide and 72" long. The FlexFit Mat would work if it can easily be trimmed to the correct width. Please confirm if this mat can be trimmed effectively to accommodate this narrower width.
Clint Neusitzer
You can Trim the FlexFit Home Fitness Mat to any size desired. You can use a saw or bread knife to cut this material.
Looking for something that will allow the foot to pivot doing kicks for MMA but will not break down when doing HIIT workouts (squat jumps, plyo lunges, etc.) and light weight work. Is this mat capable?
Our FlexFit Home Fitness Mats are perfect for practicing MMA and also doing HIIT training. This mat was built with both fitness and gymnastic-like exercises in mind. The top surface of the mat is made with a very durable vinyl piece that will still give you some grip even when wet. The foam backing under the vinyl is very shock absorbent and will give you ample shock absorption while doing HIIT exercises.
I'm just now getting into jump roping. Do you think it will hold weight and not be too plush for jumping?
Our FlexFit Home Fitness Mat is great for plyometric exercises such as jump roping. These mats are not too plush for this. The type of foam used is not super squishy and is more firm to better provide the proper shock absorption when working out.
I'm looking for a mat that I can use on top of a flatweave rug without it slipping or damaging the rug. Will this do the trick? Also, what is the mat's diameter when rolled up?
Our FlexFit Home Fitness Mat can be used on top of a flatweave rug without slipping. As long as the rug is secured, there shouldn't be any movement. The rolled-up size of the different sized mats can be found in the description section on the product page.
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