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Impact Rolls - Wood Series Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Impact Rolls - Wood Series
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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I see the roll is six ft wide. Our room is 14 ft wide. How do you connect rolls together, ​so it looks seamless? Thank you.
stacey spencer
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series rolls when butted up to each other appear virtually seamless. To create a truly seamless look, we recommend heat welding the rolls together.
In regards to the IMPACT ROLLS - Wood Series, are you able to set heavy objects such as COMMERCIAL TREAD MILLS and WEIGHT SYSTEMS such as Nautilus weight machines, benches and dumbbell racks?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series can handle the weight of commercial treadmills and weight systems on the surface. If left on the surface for a long period of time, some indentation may occur which may not go away with time.
I am wondering if the wood grain rubber flooring would work in a kitchen over a plywood subfloor.
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series would work perfectly as flooring in a kitchen over a plywood subfloor. These rolls are very easy to install and clean and are slip resistant when wet. The rolls are also non-porous and will not promote mold or mildew growth.
Is the Impact floor suitable for ballet/pointe use? Would this be a viable option to the Dance Floor Roll w/subfloor?
For ballet pointe use you can use these rolls since the flooring is dense. For an additional option, we would recommend using Adagio rolls with a hard surface tile underneath.
Would this work in an RV?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series would work perfectly as flooring in an RV. These rubber rolls are very easy to install and are just as easy to clean and maintain. These rolls have the best of both worlds with a non-porous vinyl top allowing you to keep the RV sanitary and a cushioned rubber backing giving optimal comfort underfoot. Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series also comes in a number of colors that are certain to go with any RV's decor and can be heat-welded to create a seamless floor.
Is this flooring able to withstand heavy weights being dropped on it or will the surface be damaged? Also is it slippery?
Our Impact Rolls are meant to handle heavy weights being dropped on them. The surface of our Impact Rolls - Wood Series is not slippery. It has a smooth surface that is meant to allow proper grip when playing basketball and other sports that requirement optimal movement.
Would this make a good zumba flooring? And also SilverSneaker chair exercise flooring?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series are perfect for Zumba. The surface of this roll is a control slipped vinyl surface that allows you to move with ease without slipping. Under this vinyl layer is a rubber underlay that helps to alleviate impact pressure while dancing and provides added cushion. Both qualities make this floor great for both Zumba and SilverSneakers.
Can you further explain the heat welding, and is it the best option when installing over commercial low-pile carpet? Does the double-stick tape method work when installing over carpet. We're looking at a 2200 sq ft room.
Over low pile carpet, using a heat weld is not the best option. Since heat welding is used in permanent installations where glue is necessary, it would be best if the carpet were removed. If you are installing over low pile commercial carpet, we would recommend installing the rolls with double sided tape.
Is this available in a thicker thickness? We are trying to find something for sound reduction that looks nice in a living room.
Unfortunately, our Impact Rolls - Wood Series only come in the one thickness. If you are looking to make the flooring thicker, we would recommend purchasing on of our rubber underlays to place underneath the floor. We have rubber underlay from 2mm - 12mm thick.
Would the roll vs the tiles work better for a trade show? I want it to last and I have noticed that the tiles can peel over time and high heels can be bad for them. Does the roll require tape or will it just lay over the floor for the duration of a 2-day trade show?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series would be the best solution for any trade show. This roll gives you the wood look everyone craves without the drawbacks of foam tiles. These rolls will lay flat when rolled out and can be secured with double sided tape. One great quality of this roll is that it will not indent when people with high heels walk over the floor allowing you to use this for years to come.
Can your impact roll wood series be used for limited garage use? (only during snow days).
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series can be used in a garage. This roll is very durable and features a vinyl top that also has a wear layer for added protection.
Are your Impact Rolls - Wood Series water resistant? Also, is a vapor barrier needed?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series is water resistant. Water will not get in the floor due to the surface being non-porous. If installed over a concrete subfloor that has water issues, we would recommend sealing the concrete first. That way there is no issue with ponding of water under the floor. A vapor barrier would not be necessary when installing this roll.
Can you use a steam mop to clean the floors?
You can use a steam mop to clean our Impact Rolls - Wood Series.
Can the impact rolls be installed directly on to a concrete floor? Also, how difficult is the installation? I am looking for a durable surface for a home gym. I have a foam floor now and this is not durable enough. My primary exercise is areoboics and the Total Gym exercise machine. Also, how do you maintain these floors?
Robert Koehn
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series can be installed directly over concrete and are very easy to install. All you need to do is roll them out and cut them to fit your space. These rubber rolls are great for doing aerobics on and can handle fitness equipment being placed on them.
I'm converting a bedroom into a home gym and considering the Impact Roll Wood Series. Does it have a rubber smell when placed? Will it maintain the rubber smell?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series, would have a slight rubber smell, but it is not very overpowering. The main smell you will have is from the vinyl top. This smell will dissipate over time, but to help that process along, we recommend using a mild soap and water solution on the floor.
I have in-floor heating in the room where I am considering to place the impact roll - wood series flooring. How would the impact roll-wood series flooring act with respect to heat transfer in this case: allowing the heat to pass through or as acting as a heat insulator? If this product is not the best suited for the in-floor heating application, what other products that you have would you recommend instead for high impact flooring that does well when weight are dropped on it.
Aleksandar Necakov
You can install our Impact Rolls - Wood Series over a floor heating system. These rolls are non-porous, so you will not get the benefits of the heating system like you would with say a porous tile. But the floor heating system will not damage the roll in any way, so you can use this as a gym floor for your home or business.
How durable are the impact rolls wood series? I would like to put this in a gym floor which also serves as a multipurpose room where chairs and tables might be once in a while. (spills, food clean up, etc.) what happens if you install the roll with glue and a puncture happens, or a gouge is there a repair or you have to pull the whole roll up?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series are very durable and are great as a multi-use floor. When chairs and tables are in use on our flooring, we do recommend using furniture sliders under them to prevent andy dimpling that can happen when excess weight is put on either item. We also recommend picking up the tables and chairs when they are moved to prevent scratches. Since our Impact Rolls - Wood Series are non-porous, they are very easy to clean and maintain. So no matter what is spilled on the floor, you will be able to clean them easily. If you were to poke a hole in our flooring, there isn't a repair kit that can be used. If you have the missing piece of the flooring, you can use our Seam Sealer glue and replace the missing piece. If you can't replace the missing piece, you would have to pull up the roll and replace it.
Is the flooring appropriate for dancing bare-footed without too much sticking so that turns allow the foot to pivot?
Alicia Fajardo
You can dance on our Impact Rolls - Wood Series barefoot without too much sticking. These rolls feature a controlled slip property that will allow the foot to pivot effortlessly.
Would this withstand high heels?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series would be able to withstand high heels without a getting a permanent indention. These rolls feature a very durable vinyl layer that is resistant to indentation.
I've had three basement floods. One was about 1.5 feet up the wall. If that happens again with this sort of flooring, is the flooring ruined or could it be picked up and laid out to dry and then re-installed? Also is double-sided tape needed for the installation? Basement rec room with a treadmill and stationary bike.
If you were to have another flood in your basement and you had our Impact Rolls - Wood Series installed, you could just pull up the rolls, clean them, and reinstall them. You wouldn't need to use any double-sided tape under these rolls as they are heavy enough to stay in place on their own. If you did get some movement with your flooring, you could add some double-sided tape to keep the flooring in place.
Can you tap dance on the Wood Series Impact Rolls? Thanks
Katherine Wyman
You could practice tap dance on our Impact Rolls - Wood Series. These rolls would provide a solid floor for you to practice on, but it would not be the best floor to practice on. Typically you will want to use a floor that is a little harder. We do offer a wide variety of tiled floors that are great for this.
Would this type of flooring be good for wheelchairs?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series are wheelchair safe.
Could you tell me the slip co-efficient rating for the rubber with wood vinyl on top? We are at a ski resort that people walk with snowy ski boots.
The coefficient of friction for our Impact Rolls - Wood Series is > 0.6. The testing parameter for this is under ASTM D2047.
Can the Impact Roll-Wood Series withstand plyometric workouts such as P90X or T25? And if done wall to wall, can a dresser/furniture be placed on top?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series were designed with high impact workouts in mind, so these rolls are great for P90X, T25, and the like. They feature a non-porous top making them very easy to clean and sanitize. This also helps to mitigate the 'gym smell' so many people hate. Since these rolls feature an underlayment backing, these rolls are very shock absorbent, meaning your joints, especially your knees, will love you every time you workout. Our Impact Rolls are very durable and can withstand heavy furniture and equipment on them. The only thing you may notice, depending on how heavy the object is that is placed on the flooring, are indentations where the furniture has sat. If it is only placed on the flooring for a short period of time, then the indentations may go away. If it is there for a long period of time, then they may be there permanently. To prevent indentations, we recommend using furniture sliders under the legs of the furniture or equipment.
I currently own 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles and have installed them in my yoga room at home over carpet. I have been having issues with these tiles move/shift/are too squishy, so I am looking for flooring that I can replace it with that will provide more firmness. Can I put this flooring over my carpet?
You can install our Impact Rolls - Wood Series over any hard, flat surface like concrete, asphalt, low-pile carpet, and the like. We don't recommend installing these rolls over carpet that has a thick pad as the rolls could separate, causing a tripping hazard when the pad is depressed. If you are trying to install over this type of flooring, we would recommend placing plywood over the carpet to prevent this.
If installing in an RV or camper is it easy to take out to clean? Is it easy to custom cut to desired dimensions? I.E., around seats and cabinets?
Cleaning of our Impact Rolls - Wood Series is very easy. Since the rolls are pretty heavy, it may be a bit difficult to pull the flooring out to clean, but there would be no real need to remove the flooring once installed. For any large dirt and debris, we recommend sweeping the floor with a broom. For any stuck-on dirt and debris, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution. Our Impact Rolls are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and straight-edge. Cutting these rolls around tables and cabinets is very easy when following this rule: measure twice, cut once.
What are these rolls made from? Are there tire parts in them?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series rolls feature a vinyl top backed by a recycled rubber underlayment. The rubber used comes from the treads of commercial truck tires.
I just ordered a sample last week. Trying to see if this would work in our Hot Yoga studio. We need something that can hold up to water (sweat) and heat. This floor is water proof or water resistant. Also what are the difference of the two and the "impact series HD" that i slightly more expensive.
Impact Rolls - Wood Series is approved for use in hot yoga studio applications, you would want to be sure to heat weld the seams if using multiple rolls for added waterproofing. The Impact Roll Wood HD has a higher definition print image than the regular Impact Wood roll.
Can this be installed in a daycare? Also can this be cut to take the shape of the room?
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series can be installed in a daycare. These rolls are very durable and are super easy to clean and sanitize. They are easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge to fit any space.
Can the cherry colored Impact Rolls - Wood Series be used for residential living rooms?
Pett Eghobamien
Our Impact Rolls - Wood Series can be used as residential living room flooring.
Does it make any sense to try putting this on stairs? How would I even go about doing that safely?
You can install our Impact Rolls - Wood Series on stairs. Since these rolls are not super flexible, you would actually cut the roll to fit the stairs. You would use our polyurethane adhesive to keep the pieces attached to the stairs and then a stair nose or cap to the area where the two pieces meet. This will help to protect the flooring from the foot traffic. Now since the rolls feature a vinyl top, they can become slippery when wet. So you may want to add something on top of them to add some slip resistance if being used for commercial use or in areas where water may be present.
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