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Safe-Play Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.5 / 5
Safe-Play Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.5 / 5

Customer Questions

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I'd like to install this on the floor of our garage, underneath some playground equipment to be hung from the rafters. When not in use, however, we'd still like to park the cars in there. Can this flooring handle the weight of a car?
Our Safe-Play Tiles can handle the weight of a car. Since these are composed of rubber, oil from your vehicle can break down the flooring over time.
My backyard is grass and not concrete. What is the safest way to apply on grass?
Our 1" Safe-Play Tiles are installed with dowels. Dowels are little pegs that hold the flooring together. Similar to the pegs used to put furniture together. Our 2.5" and 3.5" tiles are installed with glue. You would place the glue in between the tiles to hold the flooring together.
Can 2.5" thick Safe Play tiles be installed on level compact dirt. The play area would be surrounded by curbing but not adhered with glue to any under surface.
Our Safe-Play tiles are recommended to be installed over Concrete, Asphalt and Wood sub surfaces. Since these tiles are porous, any heavy rain may cause the dirt underneath to become compromised and cause your flooring to buckle.
What is the average expected lifespan of these rubber tiles if they are being used outdoors?
Our Safe-Play Tiles are made from high-quality rubber and can last for as long as you own the flooring. The warranty on these tiles is five years.
Can you tell me if the tiles are rated to ASTM F3012? If so are they able to protect against impact when the temperatures drop well below freezing? We live in Alaska and the children use to playground until it's -15.
Our Safe Play Tiles are not rated ASTM F3012 because they are not loose-fill rubber. These tiles will protect against impact in below freezing temperatures.
Can these tiles be glued down to a concrete surface?
Our Safe-Play Tiles can be glued to a concrete surface. We recommend using a Polyurethane adhesive for this.
We live in a part of California that reaches into the low 100 degrees frequently. I'm told when rubber matting bakes in the sun, they release something toxic, so we should get a cover/awning for to create shade. What are the risks of toxic chemicals with your product?
Our Safe-Play Tiles are very safe and do not release any harmful or hazardous chemicals when in the sun. These tiles are made from recycled tires and are cleaned before made into flooring to get rid of any chemical residues. These tiles have been installed over the U.S. and we have had no issues with any of our installations coming back as hazardous.
Do these tiles get very hot in the sun?
Our Safe-Play Tiles in direct sunlight can be hot to the touch but are cooler than concrete or asphalt. Black would be the hottest in the sun, with the other colors being much cooler. We recommend spraying water over the tiles during the day. Since these tiles are rubber, they are more slip resistant when wet, so they will still be safe for your children to play on.
Are these tiles suitable to be laid on concrete around an in-ground swimming pool?
Our Safe-Play Tiles are very suitable for installation around an in-ground pool. These tiles when wet, are more slip resistant than concrete and are also mold and mildew resistant. Since these tiles are water permeable, water will not pool on top of the flooring ensuring a safe surface for children of all ages to play on.
How soft is it? Is surface smooth?
Our Safe-Play Tiles are not soft; rather they have some spring in them to help deaden the impact of a fall. The top of our Safe-Play tiles are smooth and flat.
I was thinking of installing these under wall to wall carpeting in my indoor gym. Can anyone tell me if there is a very strong rubber smell to this item? I do not want it to stink up my house, but I think it would do a great job as padding for my gym area.
Our Safe-Play Tiles are made for outdoor use, so they will have a stronger rubber smell compared to our rubber products that are made for indoor use.
Are your Safe-Play Tiles non-slip - esp in the rain if it gets wet. Need something super safe for a toddler playground.
Our Safe-Play Tiles are very slip resistant and are more slip resistant when wet. These tiles would be perfect for a toddler's playground since they are very shock absorbent. These tiles are rated with a fall height rating which essentially means that your child can fall from a certain height without your child getting seriously hurt.
The Department of Children, Youth, and Families wanted to know if our playground using your Safe-Play tiles has ASTMF1292-certification. They are the 1-inch (1.5-foot fall) tiles installed in a playground for toddlers.
Gayle Horwitz
Our Safe-Play Tiles do have fall height certification under ASTM F1292-17a and are rated for 1.5' fall height for our 1" tiles. If you would like a copy of this testing, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
Can these be installed over an existing wood deck?
Debbi McCurry
You can install our Safe-Play Tiles over any hard flat surface like concrete, asphalt, crushed granite, plywood, and the like, so yes our playground tiles can be installed over a wood deck.
Can you cut a curved border?
You can cut a curved border into our Safe-Play Tiles with a large, sharp bread knife. We would first suggest marking how you would like to cut the tiles and then cut them in the shape that you want.
The installation instructions for the 1" tiles (using dowels) requires that the tiles be adhered to the subfloor with adhesive. Can the tiles be assembled using just the dowels and laid on an outdoor balcony without adhesive?
You can use the dowels to install our Safe-Play Tiles. If you use dowels, we recommend orders 6 dowels for every tile ordered.
How many square feet of outdoor flooring tiles do you suggest go under a double stall handicapped swing?
Please use our flooring calculator on the product page to calculate the number of Safe-Play Tiles you would need for this purpose.
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