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3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.2 / 5
3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.2 / 5

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Live in low country with flooding periodically in basement. Want a grid floor that will allow water to flow under it towards sump pump.
Our Rubbertrasx Tiles will allow water to flow through and under these tiles to your sump pump. Even the solid tiles interlock loose enough to allow water to pass between the tiles and to flow to the sump pump. Since these tiles are constructed with both rubber and plastic, they are mold and mildew resistant and are very easy to uninstall, clean, and reinstall in the event there is a major flood.
My concerns are that tiles not will lock together flush and stay that way (no raised edges between tiles). Tiles are being used on a poured concert basement floor.
richard scavetta
Our Rubbertrax Tiles when interlocked will stay locked and flush. These tiles have a very durable interlocking system and can withstand the daily abuses of working out on them or having a car drive on them.
Can you see through these? Can you see the floor under these tiles?
You can see through our Endurance Rubber Tiles in the Ribtrax and Smooth Ribtrax patterns. The Diamond pattern, you would not.
What is the psi rating on these tiles?
John Adams
Our Endurance Rubber Tiles have a psi rating of 1250 and can withstand rolling weights up to 25,000 lbs.
How chemical/automotive fluid resistive is your product?
Our 3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. They are very easy to clean and maintain and are just as easy to install, remove and replace when damaged. These tiles would have the same resistance to chemicals as our standard garage tiles.
Are these tiles ok to put a front load washing machine on? This would be in the basement, and we have occasional water problems.
You can place a washing machine on top of our 3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles. These tiles were designed to be used under cars and heavy weight-equipment, so putting a washer or dryer under these tiles would be a walk in the park.
Can this product be laid outdoor on a flat tamped or compacted gravel base? And if so, how will It perform over time?
Gail Wolfe
We recommend installing our 3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles over a flat, hard surface like concrete, asphalt, or wood. Customers have installed our Endurance Rubber Tiles over a compacted gravel base with success. Depending on how you are using the flooring will depend on how it will perform. These tiles work best over the recommend subfloors.
Do these tiles have a smell?
Our 3/4" Endurance Rubber Tiles do have a slight rubber smell to them. It is not overpowering as there is not much rubber material in each tile. If the smell of the tile is a little overpowering, we recommend mopping the tiles with a mild soap and water solution and letting them air dry. This may have to be done a few times to mitigate the smell properly.
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