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Impact Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Impact Rolls
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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May I use this product for aerobic and weight exercises?
Our Impact Rolls are great for aerobic exercises due to these rolls being more shock absorbent. These rolls can handle light to medium weight exercises, but heavy weights are not recommended on this floor.
Can you lay your Impact Rolls over carpet?
Our Impact Rolls can be installed over carpet. These rolls work the best over low pile commercial grade carpet, but can be installed over higher pile carpets. The issue that you may run into when installing these rolls over plush carpet is that there may be some separation of the rolls. Another issue that may arise is that when the carpet is installed over light color carpet you may get some staining. This can be prevented with the use of a plastic sheet underneath the flooring.
Do these mats have a rubber odor or any other odor?
Our Impact Rolls do have a slight odor. This odor will dissipate over time and can be further mitigated by cleaning the flooring with a mild soap and water solution.
I'm looking to use these mats over a light colored berber carpet and am concerned that the suggestion of putting plastic sheeting under them to prevent staining will then make the mats slip and move during workouts. Any other suggestions?
The weight of our Impact Rolls over the plastic sheeting will be enough to keep the rolls from moving. The plastic sheeting will not act as a lubricant under the floor since both materials will cause a good deal of friction. We have had many people use plastic under our rubber flooring with no movement.
can I mix 3/8" Impact rolls and 3/8" Impact mats on the same floor? I need 4x55' to do my job
You can use both our Impact Mats and our Impact Rolls together for your floor. Both of these products come 3/8" thick but may look different. Our Impact Rolls are typically more black but can have various colors in them. The same can be said with the Impact Mats. Other than this, the quality of the two products if virtually the same.
Can these be used for gymnastics?
Our Impact Rolls could be used for gymnastics. We have other products that would be better for some gymnastic moves, but these rolls would provide you with ample shock absorbency and a slip resistant surface when wet.
Do you sell mats that would fit a specific dimension? I nee a 6' X6" mat for aerobic therapy exercises.
We do have a smaller version of our Impact Rolls. This product is called our Impact Mat, and it comes in a 4' x 6' mat size.
Can these be used for wrestling?
Since our Impact Rolls are made from rubber, they may not be the best flooring option for wrestling. Rubber is very slip-resistant, which can hinder proper movement when performing certain moves. Also, these rubber rolls are porous, thus making them a little difficult to sanitize properly. We do have a wide range of wrestling mats and tiles that can be found on our Wrestling Mats page.
We are looking for a durable floor for an enclosed utility trailer. What is your recommended method of installation since it we subject to a wide range of temperatures?
Ray White
When installing our Impact Rolls in a utility trailer, we recommend using double-sided tape or a polyurethane adhesive to keep the rolls in place. You will want to make sure to leave at least a 3/8" gap between the floor and the walls of the trailer to account for expansion and contraction. If you want to try and prevent any expansion and contraction, we would suggest gluing the floor with our polyurethane adhesive.
Can I use this product to cover delicate stone walkway in extremely winters conditions?
Jason cardillo
Our Impact Rolls can be installed outdoors as flooring over a stock walkway. As long as the walkway if pretty flat and doesn't have a lot of jagged edges, the roll will perform excellently. Since this roll is made from rubber, it is slip-resistant and more slip-resistant when wet. To help prevent ice build-up and to also get rid of ice, we recommend prepping the rubber flooring like you would your sidewalk in winter. You can use salt, sand, and other materials to ensure a safe walkway for anyone who uses it.
I wanted to cover a 5' x 20' area in my garage home office. This would be a working area for standing and sitting in an office chair with casters. Would this rubber roll mat work for this application? Also, I want to use these rolls as an anti-fatigue mat when standing.
troy demel
Our Impact Rolls can be used as office flooring. These rolls are able to handle chairs with casters rolling on them. We do recommend to protect the flooring from the constant rolling to use a plastic chair pad in the area where chairs are used the most. These rolls are less dense than our standard rubber flooring and thus have been used as anti-fatigue matting and flooring in stores, offices, warehouses, and more.
Is this useable in a commercial kitchen?
Our Impact Rolls can be used in a commercial kitchen. To use them in this environment, you will need to seal the floor. You can use our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer on this floor to do that. For the seams, we recommend using our Seam Sealer glue. Since traffic may be heavy in this environment, you will need to remove and replace this sealer often. Our rubber flooring is mold and mildew resistant and is very easy to clean. Rubber flooring is also very slip-resistant, even when wet, so they are perfect for this type of use.
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