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Playground Rubber Mulch Questions & Answers

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Playground Rubber Mulch
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

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Is it the fumes of the rubber mulch that is cancer causing or the actual mulch itself?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch is very safe and has not been found to cause cancer. The warning that we have on this product is a mandated label for products sold in the state of California. They mandate this warning for any products that contain materials that they deem are cancer causing. This included toothpastes, deodorants, mouth washes and the like. All of our products are tested regularly to ensure they are safe for children of all ages. If you would like to get a copy of the MSDS sheet for our Playground Rubber Mulch, please feel free to contact one of our flooring heroes.
Would this work for doing gymnastics practice outside? I am thinking of putting it around and equestrian vaulting barrel for practice.
Our Playground Rubber Mulch would work for this purpose. You would just have to make the mulch thick enough to achieve the fall height rating your are needing.
How long does the coloring last on the Playground Rubber Mulch? Does it wash out over time?
The Playground Rubber Mulch color will maintain its color even after years of exposure to the elements. The paint on the mulch will fade over time, but not drastically.
When installing the rubber mulch in a playground should the old wood mulch be removed first? Also, does the rubber mulch heat up during the hot summer days?
We would recommend removing all the old wood mulch before installing our Playground Rubber Mulch. The mulch will get warm in direct sunlight, but will be cooler than concrete or asphalt.
I want to install the rubber mulch in a new "rock" garden where there will be potted plants & hanging baskets - do I need to install the landscaping fabric in order to prevent weeds? Also, should weeds appear is it OK to spray with a weed killer?
We do recommend placing landscaping fabric underneath our Playground Rubber Mulch to prevent the growth of weeds. If weeds were to appear, the use of a weed killer would be warranted.
In a small enclosed area what happens to the mulch when it rains .
Nothing happens to our Playground Rubber Mulch in normal rain events. If there is a flood, well like anything else, the mulch will get swept away like everything else.
For playground rubber much what is the size of rubber mulch pieces?
The rubber mulch pieces are about 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter.
Is this product certified flame retardant?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch passes ASTM D 2859, which means that it is resistant to fire.
How do you clean the area? Can you use a blower to blow leaves out of the mulch?
You can use a blower over our Playground Rubber Mulch or a hose to remove larger dirt and debris.
I have dogs, are these tempting for dogs to eat? If a dog eats one or some will it poison or harm them? Are the pieces small enough that a large dog could pass or would we need to have them surgical removed? Thank you
Our Playground Rubber Mulch is very safe and will not be appealing to a dog, unlike standard mulch. If a dog were to eat a piece by chance, the mulch piece would just pass through their system. So no need for surgery.
Can you get this mulch in black?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch comes in the following colors: Natural, Black, Forest Green, Earthtone, Redwood, and Caribbean Blue.
Play area currently covered with small rocks. Will these need to be removed or can mulch go over them?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch can be installed over the small rocks in your playground, but for an optimal installation, we would recommend removing the small rocks.
How long does the rubber mulch last. Does it stay in place or does it move around like regular mulch?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch will last as long as you have your playground. In most instances, it will last longer than the equipment. Rubber mulch does not move around as much as wood mulch, but like wood mulch can be moved around. Since rubber mulch is heavier than wood mulch, it stays in place a lot more than wood mulch, so no need to worry about it in rain or wind storms.
Our childcare regulations require that any mulch used must be an inch or longer for chocking hazard purposes. Are the mulch pieces cut randomly or are they a specific length?
The nugget size in our Playground Rubber Mulch is 3/4" on average.
How many square feet does one bag of playground mulch cover at a 4" thickness?
One bag of our Playground Rubber Mulch will cover approximately 4.5 sqft at a 4" thickness.
Do I need to remove my lawn in the backyard to lay down the rubber mulch?
You don't need to remove the grass to install our Playground Rubber Mulch in your backyard. If you do install our rubber mulch over grass, we would recommend placing weed fabric over the grass so that no grass grows up through the rubber mulch.
Hi! We are looking for a backyard option for our dogs. Does this mulch get hot to the touch? We live in Tampa, Fl. Also, if it is ok for dogs, what depth would you recommend? We have about a 400sq ft area that needs to be covered.
Our Playground Rubber Mulch can get warm in the sun but would be cooler than concrete or rocks. To keep the mulch cool, we would recommend watering the mulch every hour or so during the hottest parts of the day during the summer. This will help to keep the temperature at a range that is more bearable. Our rubber mulch is very safe and is great around pets. Pets won't try and eat it and won't try and use it as a potty. For most backyard playgrounds we recommend a 3" depth. If no playground equipment will be on the mulch, then we would recommend a 2" depth.
Is the playground rubber mulch shredded or nugget ? Thanks !
Our playground rubber mulch is nugget type pieces.
I have a few trees with some ground level small roots, can you place this product over roots?
You can place our Playground Rubber Mulch over tree roots. Our rubber mulch will not damage the roots in any way.
Is the mulch soft on kids bare feet?
Our Playground Rubber Mulch would be comfortable underfoot for both kids and adults. Since this is made from recycled rubber tires, it won't be soft like foam. We typically don't recommend running barefoot on our rubber mulch as there is potential for there to be metal in the mulch. Our mulch is 99.9% free, but there still could be some.
Would this work to put over cement for a playground?
You can install our Playground Rubber Mulch over concrete.
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