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Hobnail Extreme Carpet Tile Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Hobnail Extreme Carpet Tile
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will it fade in the bright Arizona sun and heat?
These carpet tiles are designed to be used outdoors, and they are UV stable.
i hae to cover my balcony we get rain, snow will this product withstand the chicago weather and for how long? thanks
Rachel Serour
These products are approved for outdoor use to stand up against the elements of mother nature.
Can this indoor outdoor carpet be used on a boat?
These self adhesive carpet tiles are suitable for use on a boat.
Can I vacuum the carpet?
Yes you can.
How do I make a specialty cut on this outdoor carpet?
Specialty cuts can be made using a sharp utility knife as well as a good pair of scissors.
Looking for an outdoor carpet/mat to go under a patio set on a wood deck. Exposed to summer rain, how well do these dry? Plan is to take indoors during the winter months. Is that feasible?
These tiles are approved for outdoor use, exposed to the elements. They will not absorb.
Does this carpet have padding on the back?
No it does not.
Can the Hobnail Extreme Carpet Tiles be installed over a rubber roofing membrane? (On an outdoor balcony over a heated room.)
Yes, these tiles are approved for outdoor installation.
Can I install these carpet tile over glued down outdoor carpet?
These peel and stick carpet tiles can be installed over any base that is level and clean.
Are these carpet tiles suitable for use in a garage?
These tiles work great in a garage and they are UV stable and mold/mildew resistant.
Are you able to remove the tiles after a couple of months or years and want to change colors?
Kevin L Jordan
Peel and stick tiles and not permanent and can be removed.
Installing over wood deck at a beach house--will these tiles dry easily?
These tiles are perfect for outdoor installations and dry quickly.
What kind of warranty is on the Hobnail Extreme Carpet Tile
Lifetime warranty.
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