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Double Sided Carpet Tape Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.5 / 5
Double Sided Carpet Tape
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Customer Rating 4.5 / 5

Customer Questions

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How easy is it to remove a carpet or your Diamond Nitro Rolls taped down with this? We're needing flooring for a week in a temporary space and want to make sure it's simple to remove.
If you install flooring using our double sided carpet tape, it can be easily removed. The double sided carpet tape does bond tightly when in use, but is meant to be used for temporary flooring surfaces.
I am looking for some type of tape that will secure our mats in place at our CrossFit gym; I want something that can come up if needed. What do you recommend?
Our Double Side Carpet Tape is great for holding down flooring and can be used temporarily to do so. When you are ready to move, you can just pull up the tape and clean the subfloor as needed.
Is this double-sided carpet tape self-adhesive? I need something to adhere rubber underlayment to a not smooth OSB surface before laying your self-adhesive outdoor carpet tiles.
Our Double Sided Carpet Tape is a self-adhesive tape. You can adhere rubber underlayment to a not smooth OSB surface with our Double Sided Carpet Tape.
How wide and how many feet per roll?
Our Double Sided Carpet Tape is 2" wide x 82.5' long.
Will the tape leave residue on carpet? I'm renting a space that has carpet, and I do not want to damage the carpet when I need to move.
Our Double Sided Carpet Tape would leave a residue on the carpet over time.
Can I use this on radiant heat flooring?
You can use our Double Sided Carpet Tape on a radiant heated floor.
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