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Coin Flex Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Coin Flex Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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What is the difference between Coin Flex and Coin Nitro Flex Tiles?
Patrick Garfield
The main differences between the Coin Flex Tiles and the Coin Nitro Flex Tiles are that there are more colors available for the Coin Flex Tiles and the interlocking system. Other than that, they are virtually the same tiles.
I'm looking for a response from users that battle winter elements. We live in Michigan and we have snow. My concern is the floor will be subjected to melting snow and salt 3 months out of the year. Is it a problem with the water seaping under the tiles with no place to dry? I'm concerned with mold and mildew and tiles lifting off the floor.
Our Coin Flex Tiles have been installed all over the U.S. and Cannada, and snow, ice, and salt do not affect the tiles one bit. These tiles interlock very tightly, so water, in most instances does not seep underneath the tiles. These tiles are mold and mildew resistant, so you wouldn't have to worry about it growing on your new flooring. The only time you would see mold or mildew would be in the rare case some food or other organic material got trapped underneath the tiles. If your concrete floor has a high moisture content, what you will see are the salts and minerals trapped under tiles; This typically looks like white mold, but it not. You would need to seal your concrete floor and then clean the tiles with Purple Power.
Do your coinflex tiles contain phthalates? or VOCs?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are Phthalate free and contain no VOCs. If you would like and MSDS for these tiles, please feel free to contact one of our flooring heroes and they will be more than happy to send it to you.
Can a lift and or jacks and jack stands be used on these tiles?
A lift or jack stand can be used on our Coin Flex Tiles. These tiles are jack stand safe. When a jack is placed on these tiles, they only thing that you will notice is that when you place weight on the jack, that there will be an indentation where the jack is placed.
So I'm expecting delivery of 36 cases of Coin Flex Tiles tomorrow. These will be installed on a concrete slab. I've completed one coat of concrete sealer and plan to add a second coat. My intention is to place sheet of 6m plastic vapor barrier between the sealed concrete and the new tiles. Do you see any problems with using the plastic as an extra barrier? Thank you.
Gary L Thompson
You can place a plastic sheet under our Coin Flex Tiles without it causing issues with your install. The tiles will not slide around as the weight of the entire floor will be enough to hold the flooring down.
How can the tiles be cut if need to work around column or wall?
You can cut our Coin Flex Tiles with a sharp utility knife and straight edge.
How do you clean the tiles?
Our Coin Flex Tiles can be cleaned with a blower, broom or hose. We recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution and rinsing it with a hose for stuck on stains.
Are the tiles resistant to extended exposure to sunlight?
Our Coin Flex tiles will fade in direct sunlight. They are not UV stable.
I am thinking about using the black coin pattern tile in a bathroom and laundry room. Can you see the interlocking edges once it is installed or do these disappear? Just trying to choose between the tile and a sheet product.
If you install one color, the interlocking edges will virtually disappear. They will still be visible in certain situations, but for the most part, the floor will appear seamless. If installing more than one color, the interlocking edges will show.
My garage has a drain and I typically powerwash it. I assume I would simply cut around the drain with these tiles - but can they withstand power-washing to get rid of snow, salt, dirt, etc.?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are made of durable, flexible PVC plastic and can withstand the use of a power washer on them.
Is the 3" x 20.5" Side Edge (4 per box) Coin Flex Tile the transition piece between the garage and the driveway? If not, what is the product I need?
Alan O. Bornmueller
Our Edging is the piece that would you install at the front of your driveway transitioning from the garage to the driveway.
This tile is only 4.5 mm thick or 3/16". Can I or do I need to use the 2 mm ShockPad with this to reduce noise?
Since our Coin Flex Tiles are made from flexible PVC plastic, they are very sound absorbing already and would not need an added underlay under them. We also would not recommend using any rubber underlayment under these tiles because staining could occur over time due to a chemical reaction between the tiles and the underlay. Since these tiles are made from flexible PVC, they are also very comfortable underfoot, so no underlay would be needed. If you still wanted to add an underlay, we would recommend using a foam or cork underlay.
Can the coin flex tiles be glued to wood steps in my garage?
You can glue our Coin Flex Tiles to wood steps in your garage. You would use a pressure sensitive adhesive to adhere them to the stairs.
What is the size of the coin flex without adding the interlock? So, with the interlock dimension included, what the overall size is?
The size of our Coin Flex Tiles is 20.5" x 20.5" whether interlocked or not.
What is the warranty?
Our Coin Flex Tiles have a 25-year warranty which can be turned into a lifetime warranty when you fill out the included warranty document and return it to the address stated on the form.
If I want to install in a rental unit, what will the damage be to lift them later?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are an interlocking floating floor, so there would be no damage to the tiles from installing them or removing them.
I'm installing steel cabinets, should they rest on the tiles, or should I cut the tiles around the cabinets?
You can install the steel cabinets on top of our Coin Flex Tiles. These tiles will not get damaged by the weight of the cabinets. The only thing you may notice is that the cabinet legs may leave impressions in the flooring. To prevent this, you can place flooring sliders under the legs.
Will your Coin Flex Tiles dimple under the weight of a rolling tool cabinet over time?
Our Coin Flex Tiles are very durable and depending on how long and how heavy the chest it, there is a possibility for the tiles to dimple slightly. When removed, depending on how deep the dimple becomes, the tile will pretty much return back to its natural state.
How are they shipped?
Kerry L Woods
Depending on how many tiles you order, your order of Coin Flex Tiles will be shipped in boxes via FedEx or via an LTL semi-truck.
I understand that putting heavy items on the flooring can cause indentations. But when the heavy items are removed does the material return back to it's original form or do the indentations remain?
Indentations can be caused by heavy items that are placed on top of our Coin Flex Tiles. To help prevent these, we recommend placing furniture sliders under the items. If you don't use them and you place the heavy item on the flooring, indentations can happen. If you leave the item on the flooring for a short period of time, a few weeks, the indentations will not be as permanent, and the tiles should return to virtually their original form. If left for an extended period of time, the indentations may become permanent, and your garage flooring will not return to it's original form.
Does the 20.5" x 20.5" dimension include the tabs?
The 20.5" x 20.5" size of our Coin Flex Tiles does include the tabs.
Do you recommend this for a home gym with a very heavy treadmill?
This product would work fine in a home gym although it does not provide proper cushion depending on your workouts / weights used. It is also possible that a heavy treadmill could cause indentations on the flex tiles after a while. This will not change the performance of the tiles, but would be visible if the treadmill was moved.
I'm looking for black and gray tile for a gym to make a checkerboard pattern. Would this work in a home gym?
Bryon Pachunka
This product would work fine in a home gym although it may not provide proper cushion depending on your workouts / weights used. Please call in to speak to a sales representative regarding your home gym use for proper product in your application.
How many coin flex tiles come in a box ?
Coin Flex Tiles are packaged 8 per box.
Will these Coin Flex Tiles handle the friction forces when the steering wheels are turned from lock to lock without the wheels rotating?
Bertus Steyn
The tiles themselves can handle the friction without tearing or damage, but turning your wheels can sometimes move the flooring. If you experience this, you could add underlayment to your flooring so that there is some friction between your tiles and the slippery concrete underneath.
Will these tiles expand and contract dramatically with garage temperature changes, 80° summer, 30° winter?
matthew check
Yes these tiles will expand and contract as the temperature changes.
Can this be used for kitchen flooring as well?
Our Coin Flex Tiles can be used as flooring in a kitchen. These tiles are non-porous and are resistant to most household chemicals and greases. These tiles interlock pretty tightly, ensuring that water and other liquids don't flow between the interlocks under the tiles. Cleaning these tiles is very easy, and installing and removing the flooring is a breeze if you decide to move or replace any damaged tiles.
Can you use the Coin Flex Tiles in a garage that doubles as a wood workshop? Can I plan to operate a wood lathe, table saw and bandsaw on top of these tiles?
Jack Reiff
I would be installing coin flex tiles in a basement room that has laundry facilities. In summer the room has a tendency toward mildew due to poor ventilation. I had a laundry flood where there was standing water of about an inch in depth. Hopefully that will never happen again but it could. Is it possible to glue the flooring to the concrete? Or would there be a problem with expansion and contraction?
Carol Schuppien
You can glue our Coin Flex Tiles to your subfloor. You would use a pressure sensitive adhesive to adhere them.
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