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3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

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Can these be used on pool steps where they will be underwater 100% of the time?
Our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles can be used as pool steps underwater 100% of the time. The tiles are commonly used as pool surfacing do their slip resistant properties.
Could this be used around an in ground pool outside in full sun and will pool chemicals harm this product? We now have nature stone and would like to take this out and replace with something better.
Our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles were made just for this type of application. These tiles are a perfect alternative to natural stone around a pool and are resistant to pool chemicals. These tiles are also more slip resistant when wet compared to natural stone or concrete, and the lighter colors are cooler in direct sunlight compared to those products as well. These tiles have been installed in pools both residentially and commercially all over the world.
I have a lung disease. Do these floor mats have an odor to them? Can they be put down with just the interlocking? I want to put them on my small glassed in porch over tile flooring that is very cold. If they smell like rubber tiles, I cannot physically tolerate them.
Our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles do have an odor to them. To people who are sensitive to smells, these tiles may not be the best product for them. We do have products that have little to no odors to them. They are made of virgin rubber. These products our are Virgin Rubber Tiles, 1/4" Terra Lock Virgin Rubber Tiles and our 3/8" Textured Virgin Rubber Tiles.
Can this product be used outdoors? Specifically under a deck.
3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles are made for outdoor use especially in areas where lots of water will be present. They will work great under a deck.
Would these tiles withstand all outdoor elements--including snow -- without damage?
Our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles can withstand all of the elements. These tiles are non-porous and are slip resistant when wet. They are very easy to clean and maintain. If snow were to pile on top of these tiles, we recommend not using a shovel or snowblower.
I am looking for a rubber flooring to glue down. Do all of these have a self-adhering back to them or can I get them w/o the tacky back?
Our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles come with and without the sticky backing.
I would like to create an outdoor space using these since they are reported to be cool to the touch in direct sunlight. Temps in the desert Southwest can reach 110 in the summer. Would these tiles be suitable in the direct sunlight for temperatures such as these?
The light tiles in our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles would be cooler in direct sunlight than concrete even in the desert southwest. These tiles have been used at many facilities around the Phoenix area with great success. Even though these are cooler than concrete, they still will get hot, so we do recommend watering them as needed during the hottest times of the day. Since these tiles are made from both foam and rubber, they would be very slip resistant when we, so keeping them wet would not be a slip hazard, unlike watering concrete.
Will your self-adhesive product properly adhere to and remain in place over the top a waterproof membrane such as RedGuard? Looking to use this product as a shower pan directly on top of the subfloor.
The adhesive on our 3/8" Life Floor Slate Tiles will adhere to RedGuard. The adhesive used for these tiles is very aggressive and will stick to practically anything. One of the most common uses for these tiles is a slip-resistant floor for showers and tubs.
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