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5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Would the 5mm work in a wall as a sound barrier? I plan to sandwich it between two layers of sheetrock.
Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment can be used as a wall sound barrier between sheetrock.
Can any of your rubber underlayment can be used with heating floors? (for example, the underlay would be directly on concrete floor in the basement, with electric heating mat over the underlay and laminate floor on top) Thank you!
All of our underlayments can be used with heated floors.
can this be used as underlayment for porcelain tiles.
Rubber underlayment is a popular choice for use underneath stone and tile floors.
Can this be used under foam tiles without applying adhesive? I want to use this in my hallway under some 5/8" foam tiles I purchased and over existing hardwood flooring.
We would not recommend using this directly over hardwood flooring. Please note that putting any flooring over hardwood can be damaging to the hardwood.
We live in a condo, and 2 years ago, new 5mm vinyl plank flooring was installed and glued down to the concrete gypsum floor. The flooring is in really good shape, but now the condo association wants a 5mm rubber underlay installed for noise suppression for the suite below us. Can we install your 5mm rubber underlay overtop of the existing plank flooring and install new floating locking laminate flooring over it? Or do we need to strip the 5mm vinyl planks off before installing your underlay?
You can install our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment over an existing vinyl floor.
how much sqft does one roll cover?
Each roll is 4' wide x 25' long, covering 100 square feet total.
Hi!! I am looking for 100 % recycled anti skid rubber material approx 5mm thick for a mat.
Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment is 100% recycled, but is not the best material for a mat. We do offer a wide range of mats that are also recycled. Depending on what you are wanting to do on the mat, determines which one would be appropriate for you. All of our rubber mats are anti-skid and can be found on our Rubber Mats page.
I am wondering what the compression and tensile PSI limits for the 5mm and 3.2 mm Rubber underlayments are
Tensile PSI is 90 & Compression is 30 for both the 3.2mm and the 5mm underlayment.
Can this be used just under an area rug in a home to help reduce footfall sound?
Rubber underlayment is an excellent choice for reducing noise. This sounds like a unique application, and we believe you will experience reduced foot fall sound.
Can your 5mm underlayment be used under glue-down cork tiles? If so, what bonding material should be used? Thanks!
Rubber underlayment can be used underneath glue down cork tiles. Use our 5900 Series pressure sensitive flooring adhesive.
What is the best glue to use when you have to glue the 5MM on top of the 10MM. The plitique glue doesn't seem to be bonding the 2 layers together. is there a stronger adhesive i can use.
Our Polyurethane Adhesive would work fine for that use.
Can I use rubber underlayment be used on outdoor patio under my rug?
That should work fine as protection against slip.
I'm installing solid bamboo floors over concrete (floating) and I'm looking for a 3 in 1 moisture barrier. Will the 5mm Pre-cut rubber underlayment work as a moisture barrier?
The rubber underlay does not have a moisture barrier attached .
Can this underlayment product be used over treated deck boards as a base for Naturesort deck tiles
You can use underlayment underneath of the deck tiles outdoors.
does the 5mm rubber have any sort of odor that would be detected is a well insulated environment?
Any of our rubber rolls will have an odor due to the nature of the material. If the odor is too strong or there are smell sensitivities, you can clean the rolls with a mild soap and water solution to help dissipate the smell.
could the 5mm rubber roll be used as carpet pad? plan on using in basement. thanks.
Rubber can be used underneath carpet tiles, but we would recommend using a traditional foam pad if using with broadloom carpet.
What is the R-Value of the 5mm rubber underlayment? Would it be good for insulating?
Colin Peaty
The typical R-Value for rubber flooring in general is 1.100. Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment is a decent insulator. It is not as good as foam, but will keep any space warmer than concrete or natural stone.
Can this be used under solid hardwood that is nailed down (through the rubber into plywood subfloor)? If so, in this application, should the rubber be adhered to the subfloor?
Rubber underlayment is suitable for installation underneath solid hardwood. Please see our detailed installation instructions PDF for further information.
do you get a rubber odour when using the rubber underlay
There will be an initial rubber smell to the rubber underlayment. You can open windows / air out the space until the smell is gone.
Can this be used outdoors under artificial turf for a play area?
Rubber underlayment can be used outdoors underneath artificial turf. You would install it using turf nails.
Can this be used outside? I have a concrete ramp for my son who uses a wheel chair and I wondered if this would work out better if I installed it on top of that.
You can use rubber outdoors but be advised that you may experience fading over time. For wheelchair use, we'd suggest using a standard (more dense) rubber roll instead of an underlayment which is not meant to be used as a main flooring since it is less dense and meant to be covered, not walked on.
Can I use without adhesive on a cement floor? I'm setting up a temporary football practice area and cant put adhesive down.
Justin Edwards
Yes, and you can use double sided tape to help keep the rolls in place.
For the 5mm rubber product - can you tell me what the STC rating is for this material?
Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment has an STC rating of 53.
Why can this product not be used underneath luxury vinyl flooring?
Tim Downey
In rare instances, over long periods of time rubber has the potential to stain vinyl flooring. We'd recommend a foam of cork underlayment underneath of vinyl flooring instead.
Would you recommend 5mm Rubber Underlay on 4000 psi concrete under your indoor court tiles (for basketball)? I’m trying to significantly reduce knee/joint impact without compromising bounce characteristics.
Charles Reichenbach
You can use our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment as underlay under our court flooring. Adding rubber underlay under our court flooring will allow for a basketball to bounce properly at the same time provide much-needed cushion for your joints while at play.
Can it be used over hydronic radiant floor heating?
Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment can be installed over hydronic radiant floor heating. Since rubber is insulating, you may not get the full effect of the system under the underlayment. The system will not affect the floor in any way. It won't melt it or make it buckle in a weird way.
Will product work with hydronic heating?
Our 5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment can be installed over hydronic radiant floor heating. Since rubber is insulating, you may not get the full effect of the system under the underlayment. The system will not affect the floor in any way. It won't melt it or make it buckle in a weird way.
What is the fire rating for this rubber underlayment? I need it for inspection from fire department.
Marshall Pan
This would be fire rated Class 3.
I plan to order the Mannington Realta 12" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks for my kitchen as those will be installed on top of the existing vinyl tile floor installed by building management over 13 years ago. Is it really necessary to have this underlay? I want to be able to take up the planks if I ever decide to move in approximately 10 years.
Victoria J Wefer
Since Mannington's Realta 12" Rigid Core Vinyl Planks have an attached pad, you wouldn't need to add another underlayment under your flooring.
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