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1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls
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$5.94 Linear Foot
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Does water roll off when this is used on an outdoor patio, or does it absorb or retain the water in the rug?
Virginia Brown
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls are somewhat porous and will allow water to run off of the roll if it's on a grade. If there is no grade, then the water may collect on top of the roll. The water would evaporate, but any salts or sediments will make their way into the pores in the floor.
I am trying to soundproof a second floor condo. Has there been any tests on this product for using as underlayment for a free-floating laminate floor?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls can be used as underlayment, but they are not tested for that purpose. We do offer 1/4" thick underlayment that has been tested. Feel free to take a look at that product and others on our underlayments page.
I want to use the 1/4" rolls in the waiting area of my martial arts school. Is the flooring stain resistant? There are occasional, coffee, soda, etc. spills. Thank you for your help.
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls are stain resistant. If a liquid were to get spilled on the floor, we do recommend cleaning it immediately. If the liquid were left to evaporate, some of the liquid may get stuck inside the pore of the floor. This makes it almost impossible to remove without damaging the floor.
What is the width of these rolls?
Lois Jenkins
Our Tough Rubber Rolls are 4' wide.
Can I place 1/4" rubber roll on top of nylon carpet without damaging the carpet?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls can be installed over carpet. We recommend installing it over low pile commercial carpet, but you can install these rubber rolls over plush residential carpet with a thick pad. When installed over carpet with a thick pad, there is potential for the rubber to separate when walked over due to the pad underneath depressing. If installing the rubber over light-colored carpet, we do recommend placing a plastic sheet under the rubber to prevent any staining that could occur.
How much does a 4' X 15' roll 1/4 inch roll weigh?
A 15' long 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls weighs about 96 pounds.
I'm looking at the 1/4" rubber rolls and wondering if suitable for driving a car over (resting a car on). We intend to use in garage as a floor for indoor basketball, but on occasion, there will be a car in the garage. Additionally, what do you recommend for adhering the roll to the a concrete surface?
Jeremy Curfman
A car can be driven over our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls. The only issue that you may see with having a car on rubber flooring is when a vehicle is leaking oil. The oil from the car can over time break down the rubber. To adhere the rubber to concrete, we recommend using a polyurethane adhesive or our 5900 adhesive.
Is your rubber 100% natural?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls are made from the treads of recycled truck tires. Most of this material is made from SBR which is a synthetic rubber material used to make tires today.
I am looking for a surface that will stand up to the riggers of a college dugout. Namely the cleats the baseball players are wearing. In collegiate baseball metal cleats are worn. Will this surface prevent metal cleats from penetrating the surface? Clearly over time there will be an effect, but I wanted to get confirmation the metal cleats would not cut and easily enter the surface with normal walking?
Jay Sullenger
We typically do not recommend using our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls in baseball dugouts. Since the rubber is quite thin, there is a great potential for the cleats to penetrate the roll. For baseball dugouts, we recommend going with our 3/8" or 1/2" rubber rolls or our Rubber Gym tiles, which are vulcanized which is just a fancy name for tough, non-porous rubber.
Is 1/4 inch heavy enough to use in a horse barn aisleway (only 2 horses walking in and out once a day)?
Teresa Springer
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls can be used as flooring in a horse barn aisleway. These rolls are very slip resistant and more slip resistant when wet. They are also very easy to clean and maintain and are mold and mildew resistant. Urine and other liquids will not pass through the floor, but when dried, the salts from liquids can get trapped in the flooring. You can use our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer to prevent this.
I'm looking to use this as a cargo liner in my suv to transport my 2 dogs as I pull a camper across the great USA. I'm having no luck finding a cargo liner that extends behind first row seats; only second row available in my suv make/model. Since these are made from recycled tires is there a strong rubber odor and/or a black color transfer from he mat?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls will have a rubber odor to them when you initially receive them. To help mitigate this odor, we recommend cleaning the tiles with a mild soap and water solution and letting them air dry. You may have to do this a few times to get rid of the smell. If you have a light colored carpet, there is potential for our rubber to leave black marks on it. If you are concerned about this, you can place a plastic sheet under the rolls. The black rubber will not come off if walked on.
I wanted to use this to go over a subfloor in the basement to provide a firm layer of cushion for a dance floor.
Dance floor
You can use our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls as a subfloor under a dance floor. If the dance floor is a vinyl dance floor, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet between the vinyl and the rubber to prevent any staining that can occur when the two products come into contact.
Can this mat be laid down and rolled back up again for temporary slip resistance, or does it have to be taped or glued down permanently?
Sara B
You can lay down and roll back up our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls. These rolls don't have to be taped or glued.
Can 1/4" Tough Rubber Roll be painted?
You can paint on our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls. You will want to use acrylic paint.
Can this be used over a radiant heat floor? I'm thinking of putting the 5mm roll over a floor with SunTouch radiant wires set in thin set/concrete.
You can install our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls over a radiant heating system. These rolls will not melt due to being installed over it. The melting point for rubber is 260 - 316 degrees. The only thing you will notice is that you may not get the full effects of the radiant heating system with the rubber over it. Rubber does have some insulating properties and is a better insulator than tile, stone, and concrete.
I have a sample of the 6mm Energy Rubber, is this the same material and will it wear the same?
Our Tough Rubber Rolls and our Energy Rubber Tiles are made from the same material. They are both made from recycled truck tire treads and would wear the same.
Do your rubber rolls off-gas? If so, how do you recommend airing them out before installing them indoors?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls so have a smell to them which is due to off-gassing. If you are sensitive to the smell of our rubber flooring, we recommend mopping our rubber flooring with a mild soap and water solution and then letting it air dry. You will want to make sure that the room in which the rubber flooring will be installed is well ventilated. You may have to do this process a few times to get the smell of the flooring to a comfortable level.
I'd like to cut the roll to fit our space. Is it easy to cut? What method do you recommend to cut it?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls are very easy to cut. All you will need to cut these rolls is a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
Do the 1/4" Tough rubber flooring rolls (made from recycled truck tires) contain asbestos?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls do not contain asbestos. If you would like a copy of the MSDS for this product, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
I would like to use this in my woodshop. Will large/heavy tools such as a table saw or jointer roll on this?
David LeTourneau
You can use our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls as flooring in a woodshop. These rolls are very easy to clean and maintain and are very slip-resistant, even when wet. Since these rolls are somewhat porous, if there are any very small particles of wood, they may get stuck in the floor. To prevent this, we recommend sealing the floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. Our rubber flooring was designed to be used in commercial gyms, so these rolls are able to handle heavy equipment on them without getting damaged.
How do the rolls do with sweat. If I set bike trainers areas underneath can get hours of sweat. Would this be a problem with getting into the rolls?
Our Tough Rubber Rolls do have some pores in them. If the sweat is cleaned up fairly quickly, you can prevent the sweat from accumulating in the pores. But when working out for an extended period of time this can be tough to do. What we recommend to avoid the 'gym smell' that comes from sweat getting into the pores in the floor is to seal the floor with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer. This will ensure that no sweat gets caught in the small pores in the rubber.
Will the 1/4" absorb rubber weight plates being dropped without causing damage to the rubber flooring and/or the floor underneath the rubber flooring?
You can drop rubber bumper plates on our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls without causing any damage to the rubber flooring. Depending on the condition of your subfloor will determine if dropping heavy weight on them will cause any damage. If your subfloor is in good condition, then dropping bumper plates on our Tough Rubber Rolls will not damage the subfloor.
Is the 1/4" mat shock absorbent, as far as if I am using it as an exercise floor to do any jumping movements (jumping rope, high knees, box jumps, long jumps, squat/lunge jumps)? I will be laying it over a concrete garage floor.
Our standard rubber flooring can be used for jump training, but is not the most shock-absorbent or the best floor for this type of training. We do offer a wide range of impact flooring that would be perfect for this type of training and are some of the most shock-absorbent floors on the market today. You can find all of these floors on Impact Flooring list page.
Will the 1/4" be thick enough to withstand a Powertech weight bench with several attachments, a Powertech Squat machine, Elliptical Machine?
Our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls can withstand a Powertech weight bench it or any other fitness equipment. This thickness of rubber is typically used in commercial gyms where fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, and the like will be used.
I currently have 1/2” interlocking EVA foam tiles for my flooring. Can you overlay the 1/4” rubber rolls? My room size is 16’x15’. When overlaying, would a protective layer need to be applied between the foam and rubber for a secure install?
You can install our 1/4" Tough Rubber Rolls over an existing foam floor. We would recommend when installing rubber over any foam base to add a 1/4" plywood over the foam to ensure the rubber flooring doesn't separate when working out. If installed directly over the foam tiles, there is potential for a tripping hazard due to the foam depressing when walking on the floor.
Can this be used outdoors under a swing set?
Our Tough Rubber Rolls can be used outdoors under a swing set. Our rubber rolls are slip-resistant and even more so when wet. They will help to keep the area under your swing set protected while in use. These rubber rolls are very easy to clean and maintain and are mold and mildew resistant. The only thing you will notice is that these rolls will fade over time.
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