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1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats
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$99.99 each
List Price: $133.32
Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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I need to block the noise from the apartment downstairs. Usually voice and TV. What underlayment do you suggest?
Adam Leite
We offer a wide range of underlayments that would work great for your application. Our most popular underlayment thickness is our 5mm. This underlayment will provide you with and IIC rating of 60 and and STC rating of 53. This will help to reduce the amount of noise coming into your apartment. For further information about this underlayment and others, please visit our Underlayments page.
I am considering this product as a workout surface over my brand new carpet. Is there any chance the black mat will stain/discolor my new carpet?
If you have light colored carpet, there is potential for our Tough Mats to stain the carpet. If you are concerned that the carpet will get stained by our rubber mats, we recommend placing a plastic sheet under the mat to keep it from doing so.
Would this grip well on top of low-pile carpet?
Our Tough Mats are fairly heavy and would stay in place over a low-pile carpet for most exercises. If for some reason the mat were to move, you can place some double-sided carpet tape under the mat to keep it in place.
Can the mats be cut to fit a specific area?
You can cut our Tough Mats to fit any space with a sharp utility knife and straight edge. Cutting these mats is like cutting butter with a warm butter knife.
Would this stain wood laminate flooring?
doug bashore
Our 1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats will not stain laminate flooring, but if you are still worried it might, we would recommend placing a plastic sheet between the floor and mat to keep the laminate protected.
Are these mats heat resistant to a certain temperature?
Our Tough Mats are made of rubber which has a melting point between 260 - 316 degrees.
I have new hardwood flooring that I'm looking to protect. Would putting the Tough Mats rubber flooring directly on top of it pose any issue? Does there need to be some type of barrier between the mat and hardwood flooring?
Our Tough Mats will not stain hardwood flooring. If you were concerned that these rubber mats would stain your flooring, you can place a plastic sheet under the rubber to protect the wood flooring underneath.
Do these mats have an odor? If so, how strong?
Our Tough Mats will have a slight rubber smell to them. To help mitigate this smell, we recommend mopping the floor with a mild soap and water solution with a synthetic mop head mop. You will then want to make sure the room where these mats will be used is well ventilated and let the mats air dry. You may need to repeat this process to get the smell of the mats to an acceptable level.
If this mat sits on top of a wood or laminate floor, will it slip or slide if someone runs onto it?
kellie Obrien
Our Tough Mats do have some weight to them and are made of rubber, which is slip-resistant. If a person were to run onto or over the rubber mats, they would still stay in place. If for some reason the mat were to move, you could add some double-sided tape or glue under the mats to keep them in place.
Are your 1/4" 4 X 10 mats longer than 10 feet? The mats I bought from you previously were 10 feet 7 inches; therefore, I need the same length to lay next to the old mats.
Christopher Spells
Our 1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats are meant to be cut at 10' long, but since rubber can expand and contract a bit, we typically add anywhere from 6" - 12" of material to each roll to ensure that you get the 10' that you were needing. This excess can be cut so that it can fit into your space properly or cut to create the mat size you were desiring.
I have a backyard above wood deck and I was wondering if I could put your Tough Mats over it. If yes and what kind should I use to keep it in place?
Brett Voss
You can insall our 1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats on an outdoor wood deck. These mats are very durable and can withstand the elements. Our rubber flooring is very slip-resistant and even more when wet. These rubber mats are also mold and mildew resistant. To keep the mats in place outdoors, we would recommend gluing them if you want a more permanent hold. You would use a polyurethane adhesive for this. If you are looking for a more temporary hold, you can use our double-sided tape.
Would this mat be acceptable for floor protection for weight lifting? Under 250 lbs.
Our Tough Mats are durable enough for weight lifting. Depending on the amount of weight and the type of weights you are using will determine if this mat is a good fit. Our Tough Mats are fine to use with any type of plate, as the full weight of the plat is diffused when dropped on the floor. In regards to dumbbells, we recommend using dumbbells that are around 50 lbs or less on this mat. Since this is rubber is a little thin, there is potential for subfloor damage to occur. If you are looking to use heavier weights, we would recommend using one of our thicker mats.
If I lay these mats for a garage gym, can I drive/park my car over the mats? Or would that cause problems?
You can drive over our Tough Mats. If your car were to leak oil, we do recommend placing a mat over the rubber to protect it. Oil and rubber don't mix, and over time that oil can break the rubber mat down. You can use one of our Nitro Rolls or an AutoFloorGuard mat to protect the rubber flooring. The only other thing you may notice is that the rubber may move is you need to turn your wheel when you are entering and leaving your garage. This movement will only occur if the mats are not secured to the subfloor with glue.
Can they be cleaned easily, and the edges of two mats sealed together? I am looking to put these in a restaurant walk-in cooler.
Ronald Keyser
Our Tough Mats can be easily cleaned and can be sealed. To seal two mats together, we recommend using our Seam Sealer glue or our Premium Seam Sealer glue. You can also seal the small pores in the floor to make our rubber mats easier to clean with our Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer.
Can I order a larger size 6' x 10'?
The widest our rubber rolls come is 4' wide.
Are your 1/4" 4' x 10' Tough Mats thick enough for use under a squat rack station? Heavy weights may be dropped. This is in a basement that has carpet laid over concrete.
Our Tough Mats are thick enough to be used as flooring under a squat rack station. When installing these rubber mats over carpet, they work best over commercial-grade carpet. If installing over a high pile, thick padded carpet, we would recommend installing a 1/4" plywood board over the carpet or to go with one of our thicker mats.
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