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2' x 5' Wall Pads Questions & Answers

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2' x 5' Wall Pads
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Customer Questions

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What does 'nail margin' mean, and what is the difference between it and the z-clip option.
So there are two ways to install our wall padding, with nails or with z-clips. Nail margin essentially just means that you have to nail the wall pads to the wall. This is typically done with a 1" nail margins on top and bottom, hence the name 'nail margin,' and would be considered a permanent installation. The other way to is with z-clips. So there are two parts to a zip clip, one that attaches to the wall and one that attaches to the pad. When you hook them together, they look like a 'Z,' hence the name z-clip. This installation is a semi-permanent installation and allows you to install and remove pads as need be, easily. The z-clip option is more expensive, but the ease of installation and the flexibility it gives you could be worth the money.
Does the Z clip run the full length of the pad and is there a Z clip on both the top and bottom of the pad?
A pad will come with enough z-clip for the full width of the pad on the wall side, top and bottom. On the panel side it will come with two clips each 1 1/2" wide for the top and for the bottom. Each clip has two holes and a 3/4" pan head screw is supplied for anchoring to the panel. On the wall side the full width piece is pre drilled for anchoring, but not supplied with hardware, that is up to you and a decision of what hardware works best for you can be made based on the final application.
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