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ProGym Planks Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
ProGym Planks
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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How big is the floor sample?
The samples for the Progym Planks are 4" long x 4" wide.
What is the cost of the striping for courts OR are those painted on?
Niki Girls
The planks do not come with the striping/lines painted on. You may use our Premium Game Line Paint Kit to paint lines on the Progym Planks, the paint is available for purchase on the product page.
can I install this floor directly on concrete subfloor ?
Wojtek Ilowiecki
Yes, Progym Planks can be installed over concrete.
Can you install over tile? What kind of flooring can you not install the pro gym planks
Progym Planks can be installed over any hard surface. We would not recommend installing these over rubber or carpet.
Is the floor strong enough for a college stile goal to sit on it or should the goal be on the Concrete and the flooring building front of it.
Sean Green
We wouldn't recommend placing the goal or any heavy objects on the floor. Please place the goal over concrete.
Should I put a 2mm rubber shock absorber layer under the tiles if I'm putting them over a concrete floor?
Ryan Smith
You may install these planks directly on a hard floor, but using a shock absorber layer is a good option as well.
can the gym floor planks be installed on concrete floor or ned wood underneath?
Yes, these planks can be installed on a concrete floor.
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