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FloorAdorn Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sticker Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.6 / 5
FloorAdorn Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sticker
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Customer Rating 4.6 / 5

Customer Questions

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Recommended to remove existing vinyl first?
The FloorAdorn Self-Adhesive Decal can install right over the existing vinyl and would not need to remove your current floor. The product is built to come up easy and not damage the existing floor if needed to change out.
Would happens if put over existing floor tiles - Regarding the grout lines? Will it leave an indentation? Existing ceramic tiles 10x10
Connie White
Yes, you would see telegraphing of your grout lines through the tiles since they are not thick enough to combat that.
Is it ok to glue down with an adhesive glue
James Sullivan
yes, you can glue it; however, it will not come up as easy when additional adhesives are added to the product.
Can you use these Vinyl tiles on an outdoor cement balcony floor that is covered?
Maria Wojciechowski
It's not recommended to be installed outside.
How can I install these best over OSB?
Sarah ALbracht
You would want to direct glue it down to OSB. The adhesive on there currently wouldn't stick on OSB over a time period.
Can these be used in bathroom and kitchen areas ? Are they waterproof ?
Kathy Reider
Yes, they are waterproof however they are not slip-resistant.
Can you stick these directly to subfloor?
Jessica Vila-Stevenson
Yes, the FloorAdorn Self-Adhesive Decal can be stuck directly on a clean and leveled subfloor.
Could this be used as a backsplash on vinyl wrapped sheetrock?
Martha L McClure
Yes, as long as the surface is flat and even.
How well do they adhere to concrete?
You may use these vinyl stickers over concrete, provided the concrete floor is clean and free of dust, and the surface is smooth. So before sticking these vinyl stickers, please make sure to properly clean the concrete and smoothen it out.
Can you buy a sample piece?
Theresa Gayhart
We do not provide samples for this product.
Is it possible to order samples of this tile, or is it only available to purchase by the case? Specifically Vintage Tile and Neutral Traditional?
David E Still
These tiles can only be purchased by the case, samples are not available.
What tools are needed to cut tiles to fit area? and what else is necessary?
Seth Zalkin
These tiles can be cut easily using sharp scissors. No other tools are needed since these tiles come with adhesive on the back. So simply peel & stick!
Hiya, how long do these tiles last? If I put them in the bathroom and will be renting for two years, will the floors be clean and will they still be ok when wet and cleaned with products?
Our Floor Adorn stickers can be applied in the bathroom as long as the floor is perfectly dry and clean before application. These tiles are okay to get wet and can be cleaned with cleaning products.
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