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Premium Pickleball Court Kit Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Premium Pickleball Court Kit
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$7,100.99 Case
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

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Can the Pickleball court be set up on a relatively level grass surface?
You can install our Pickleball Court Kit on any hard flat surface. We recommend installing these over concrete, asphalt, plywood and the like. You can install these tiles over grass, but we don't really recommend it as the dirt under can become muddy and cause the floor to come apart and be dangerous for play. If you were to use grass as a playing surface, we would recommend placing some plastic sheets over the area where you would want to place the court and then install the tiles over that. That would help to mitigate some of the issues when it rains.
Are these tiles slippery if they get wet?
Since our Pickleball Court Kit tiles are vented, they still stay pretty slip resistant even when wet. They will be more slippery than when dry, but will still give you ample slip-resistance when wet as well.
How do the tiles fit around the net?
If the net is built into the surface, you can cut the tiles to fit around the net. You can cut these tiles with a table saw on low speed with silica or water as a lubricant to prevent the tiles from melting while cutting them.
Can these be cleaned? If so with what? Ours are sun faded can we put a clear coat on them to give it a shine again?
You can easily clean our Pickleball Court Kits. Since these are outdoors, spraying them down with a soap and water solution would be the easiest. For any stuck on dirt and grime, you use a broom or mop to remove it. Once all the soap has been removed from the floor, you will just want to let the flooring air dry. Since our tiles are UV stable, you won't need a clear coat to bring back its shine. It will keep shining real and true for years to come.
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