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Del Mar Turf Rolls Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Del Mar Turf Rolls
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can you install this on an outdoor concrete balcony?
You can install our Del Mar Turf Rolls on an outdoor concrete balcony. You wouldn't need to glue or tape this turf down, but if you would like some added stability, we recommend using our double-sided tape.
I know this isn't one of your gym floors, but can you play sports on this like soccer or field hockey? If you park a car on it, would it return to normal after removing the car?
You can play sports like soccer or field hockey on our Del Mar Turf Rolls, but we would not recommend it. These turf rolls are made for light to moderate traffic and not really for the high traffic that comes with sports. Like we said you could, but the rolls would not last very long. You can park a car on our Del Mar Turf Rolls without damaging if you were to drive normal over the turf. Simple pulling in and off the turf will not damage the turf. The blades will be bent after the car is removed and can be put back in their upright state by simpling brushing the turf.
How wide is the roll?
Our Del Mar Turf Rolls are 6.5' wide.
We have 3 labs, and an area of our yard is fenced. The grass inside the fence to say the least is pretty much gone. What would we have to do to the existing area before installing your turf and will it withstand dog traffic?
Our Del Mar Turf Rolls will be able to handle dog traffic and is very pet-friendly. The recommended way to prep your base is to add packed crushed granite to the surface to create a solid surface to install the turf on. You will also want to add a weed barrier over this to keep any pesky weeds from growing in your new turf. This will crushed granite layer will ensure your turf properly drains during rainstorms. The way some of our customers have gone is by just making sure their dirt is flat and free of any rocks or other debris and then adding a weed barrier under over that. For further information on how to install your turf and on proper base prep, please refer back to the installation tab on the product page or to our Artificial Grass Install Video.
Is your Del Mar Turf Rolls water permeable or will rain just stand on this and could this be used as an outside exercise area?
Roger C McMillion
Our Del Mar Turf Rolls have perforations which allow water to drain through the turf to the ground underneath. In extreme weather events like hurricanes, water could pool, but the turf will actually drain better than natural grass when installed over crushed granite. Our Del Mar Turf Rolls can be used for light use exercises. We don't recommend using a sled on this turf as the blade used to make this turf is softer to the touch and less durable than our standard gym turf products. Customers have used this turf for this use with success, but we don't recommend it.
Can any turf go on a wood deck?
Thomas Prescott
Our Del Mar Turf Rolls and any of our outdoor turf can be installed on a wood deck.
Can you install this right on top of dirt?
Yes, you can install the Del Mar Turf Rolls on dirt. Please make sure that the dirt is flat and free of any rocks or other debris and add a weed barrier under over that. You may use our Weed fabric for this purpose. For further information on how to install your turf and on proper base prep, please refer back to the installation tab on the product page or to our Artificial Grass Install Video.
What is the recommended depth of the crushed granite layer?
Kurt W Collins
Your crushed granite layer would typically be between 1-4 inches for turf installation.
I just bought an outdoor tent/gabezo, I'm exploring flooring options. Can i use this artificial turf over grass with a weed barrier. I'm mostly concerned with having to flatten the area I don't have the man power or money to pay someone to do. Area is fairly flat but not super duper flat. Also if it works out, I would probably do the rest of the back yard. I just want to put weed barrier down and then put the turf down. Is this feasible. Also how would I get leaves off. We get many leaves to rake in the fall??
Faye Harry
We don't recommend installing our Del Mar Turf Rolls over existing grass as the turf will not install properly. We recommend removing the existing grass and then following the proper installation instructions. We recommend using a base of crushed granite, but if you have soil that is compacted, you could install over that. You could simply use a turf rake to remove the leaves.
I would like to install this on a concrete patio. However a small section has molded which we power-washed off. How will that scenario (possible mold) affect the Del Mar Turf Rolls? Can mold accumulate under this turf?
Mold can accumulate under turf if it is installed in a place (especially concrete) where water won't be able to drain under the ground. However, mold can be easily cleaned using household bleach.
Can I cover my hardwood flooring with this?
Yes, you may, as long as your hardwood flooring is indoors, which we think it must be. However, please note that this turf is porous, so if water is spilled on the turf, it will pass onto the hardwood floor underneath. When used indoors, it is ideal to install these without glue, so you may either loose lay them or use a double-sided tape along the perimeter to hold the turf in place.
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