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Vented Ecotrax Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.9 / 5
Vented Ecotrax Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.9 / 5

Customer Questions

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Are these compatible with the Swisstrax RibTrax - the only difference as far as measurements go is that these will be a bit lower?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles can be interlocked with Swisstrax's RibTrax tiles.
Will the interlocking tiles fade if used in an outdoor setting for 6 month?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles are UV stable, so they will be fade resistant when installed in direct sunlight.
Can the Vented Ecotrax Tiles withstand the weight of a Kenworth or Peterbilt tractor?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles can withstand the weight of a Kenworth or Peterbilt Tractor. These tiles have a rolling weight of up to 60,000 lbs.
Are the squares 15.75" once installed, or does the 15.75" also include the locking, so the square is more like 15"?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles are 15.75" installed and not. Even though these tiles are interlocking tiles, the tabs are not included in the actual size of the tile.
I have a floor drain in my garage and the floor slopes slightly towards it. Will this be an issue when installing?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles were designed to allow water to drain through the tiles to a drain or out of the garage, so having a drain in your garage where there is a slight slope will not cause any issues when installing these garage tiles.
Will mold form as I live in the Northeast. Snow melting and staying under the tile?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles are mold and mildew resistant.
Does it get slick with snow on it?
Our Vented Ecotrax Tiles are vented, so any liquid that falls on the surface will fall through the vents to the subfloor below. These tiles will be less slip-resistant when wet than when dry, but they are still more slip-resistant than our standard non-vented garage tiles when wet.
Can you use a floor jack or coasters on the floor?
We don't recommend using a floor jack directly on our Vented Ecotrax Tiles, as the pressure of the jack while in use can damage the tiles. If you want to use a car jack on our tiles, we recommend placing a plywood board or a steel plate under the jack to displace the amount of pressure is put on any one-tile. Chair casters can be used on this floor easily.
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