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Mannington Adura Max Waterproof Plank Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Mannington Adura Max Waterproof Plank
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$125.72 Case
reg: $6.12 sqft
case $167.63
Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Is mannington Audra made in USA?
The Mannington Audra is made in the United States.
My dogs have alot of energy in the house. Will these floors be safe?
Adura Max has a durable ScratchResist 20 mil wear layer with aluminum oxide, making it perfectly suitable for all the hustle and bustle of everyday life as well as for fluffy family members. ScratchResist keeps your floors looking newer for longer.
Does it offgas?
Mannington Adura Max Waterproof Planks have 0 VOC's, non-traceable amounts.
what is the dif bet the adura flex & rigid flooring in price & use in basement
marlene brescia
The main difference between the two products is the material and the installation type. The Adura Flex is a luxury vinyl plank that needs to be glued down to the floor to install. The Adura Rigid is a rigid core (SPC) plank that has a stone polymer core, making it more rigid and durable and can be installed without glueing down, so can be laid free-floating on the floor.
Can I put this in a basement?
Adura Max is 100% waterproof, so it can be installed anywhere, in any room of the home.
Since it has the floor score seal, I'm assuming it is low VOC, but is the Adura Max ortho-phthalate free?
Mannington LVT is ortho-phthalate free.
Hi, Where can I see the colors of the available moldings plz? thanks, Lori
On the product page, look under "Accessories". Once you click on the molding of your choice, it opens into a smaller window. Click on the product name again and it'll take you to the chosen molding's product page that has the color swatches.
Is this a quiet floor?
Mannington's Adura Max have an attached underlayment pad and feature an IIC rating of 72.
Can I install it in a sun room? What temperature variation is appropriate. The room will at time not be heated or air conditioned
John Tibe
A rigid core product would be better suited for your needs. Rigid core planks have a larger approved temperature range.
I have a living room that I would like to redo but it has baseboard hot water heat all along the walls of the room. Is this product ok to use since it will be near heat?
Use of heating systems is approved for this floor type, provided the temperature of the floor does not exceed 85°F at any point. Please see installation instructions for detailed information.
Want to install Adura Max in bathroom. How slip resistant is it when wet?
Anna Marie Christley
Adura Max is a wonderful flooring option for use in bathrooms and any where that water will be present. Have no fear, the planks do offer slip resistance.
Can this type of flooring be used on stairs?
Any problem with placing heavy furniture directly on planks? Does it require coasters to protect against indentations?
Laurence R Turner
It's recommended any type of flooring when placing heavy furniture on it you will want to use coasters to protect the floor from any type of damage.
Is this safe to install over radiant heating AND will it fade in direct sun? Thanks!
Karen Merrill-Antle
Mannington Adura Max Waterproof Planks can be installed over radiant heating system, provided the temperature of the floor does not exceed 85°F at any point. Concrete floors with a hydronic radiant heating system are satisfactory. Before installing the flooring, the heating system should be turned on to eliminate residual moisture. A combination of heat and sunlight causes most home furnishings to fade or discolor. We recommend closing your curtains or blinds where extreme sunlight hits the floor.
How heavy is each case of this flooring?
Connor Reilly
Each case weighs approximately 46 pounds.
can I put this in the garage for gym purposes?
Yes! You may use these planks as a gym flooring, but note that these planks won't be the best at providing shock absorption. You may want to use gym mats under your equipment to avoid any damage to the vinyl flooring.
are these floorings of LVP asthma and allergy approved?
Yes! These planks are floor score certified, so are safe for asthma and allergies.
I have a low profile carpet in the family room that has been glued down and I would like to go over top of this flooring. Can you tell me what is the best flooring to choose. This low profile carpet has been glued down and I cannot get it up .
Sari Ayer
Vinyl planks can be installed over low profile carpets. Please read our blog for more information on flooring options for low profile carpets
What is the Adura Mannington Max floor IIC Sound Specification
James R Hannon
Adura Max has a IIC Sound rating of 72.
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