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Pebble Step Sof-Tred

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Accessories for Pebble Step Sof-Tred
Description - Pebble-Step Sof-Tred mats are an excellent low cost matting solution designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. These foam cushion mats help provide comfort to workers who stand for long periods of time and added safety by helping to prevent employees from slipping.
Material – Constructed of PVC sponge manufactured with exclusive Dyna-Shield™ protective top layer. The sponge material is essentially a high density foam and the Dyna-Shield manufacturing method used provides greater tear resistance and tensile strength than competitive products.
Color – Available in black, gray, and black with a yellow safety line.
Size – 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 6’, 3’ x 4’, 3’ x 5’, 3’ x 6’, 3’ x 12’, 2’ x 60’, 3’ x 60’, and 4’ x 60’ sized Pebble Step Sof-Tred mats are in stock and ready to ship. Custom size Pebble patterned foam anti fatigue mats are also available. Contact us at 800-613-0996 for more details.
Thickness – 3/8” thick with all four sides being beveled to reduce trip hazards.
Weight – 5 Lbs. / mat for the 2’ x 3’ foam matting, 10 Lbs. / mat for the 2’ x 6’ fatigue mats, 10 Lbs. / mat for the 3’ x 4’ foam fatigue mats, 11 Lbs. / mat for the 3’ x 5’ foam mats, 14 Lbs. / mat for the 3’ x 6’ pebble mats, 27 Lbs. / mat for the 3’ x 12’ anti fatigue mats, 85 Lbs. / mat for the 2’ x 60’ pebble runner mats, 130 Lbs. / mat for the 3’ x 60’ foam runner mats, and 170 Lbs. / mat for the 4’ x 60’ Pebble Step Sof-Tred commercial / industrial sized mats.
Recommended Uses – Pebble Step Sof-Tred sponge mats are designed for use in work stations where long lasting anti fatigue protection is needed. Some common places where these mats are used include lab areas, packaging stations, quality control areas, shipping areas, and any other location where inexpensive anti fatigue matting would be beneficial for added worker safety and comfort.
  • Pebble Step Sof-Tred foam fatigue mats ship for free.
  • Pebble Step Sof-Tred matting is in stock and ships fast. These economical mats typically ship within 2-5 business days and delivers within 5-10 business days depending on your location. Custom sized pebble topped mats are available and typically ship within 8-10 business days.
  • An email is automatically sent to you with your tracking information as soon as your foam mats ship and tracking information becomes available.
Pebble Step Sof-Tred mats are easy to keep clean. Maintenance of these discounted mats typically includes:
  • Sweeping the surface of the antifatigue mat clean.


  • Closed cell Polyvinylchloride (PVC) sponge compound: relieves leg and back discomfort
  • Non-directional pebble top surface design: easy to clean and enhances traction
  • All 4 sides are beveled and sealed: minimizes tripping hazards and resists moisture penetration
  • Dyna-Shield™ top surface: resists abrasion; extends service life


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