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Naturesort Deck Tiles (8 Slat)

This product has been discontinued.
Please see comparable products below.
Duramax Deck Box
Duramax Deck Box
71 gallon deck box
$84.99 ea.
$84.99 ea.
  • More durable than solid wood.
  • Fade and insect resistant.
  • 20 year warranty.
  • Easy snap together installation. DIY Friendly.
  • Maintenance free.
Description - Naturesort 8 slat composite deck tiles are composed of bamboo and plastic making them resistant to weather and insects. Easy to install and maintain, these deck tiles are very Eco-friendly and are more durable than solid wood. Being fade resistant makes these tiles great on decks, in outdoor showers and much more. These outdoor deck tiles are backed by a 20 year warranty.
Material – Constructed with 60% bamboo and glue composite.
Size – 12” x 12”
Thickness – 3/4 Inch
Weight – 2.72 Lbs. per tile
Recommended Uses – Naturesort Deck Tiles are great for decks, balconies, home offices, walk-in closets, outdoor shower areas, or partial areas in a bathrooms, showers, or closets.
Naturesort interlocking deck tiles are easy to maintain. Cleaning of these multiuse tiles typically includes:
  • Vacuuming or sweeping any loose crumbs, dust, or debris from the tiles when necessary.
  • Hose off or damp mop the floor tiles with a mild soap and water mixture for tough or caked on dirt and/or stains.
Naturesort Deck Tiles are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  • Clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material.
  • When installing the deck tiles, we recommend starting in the front left corner of the space and working your way out from there.
  • Make sure the female side (loops) of the tile is facing away from the edge.
  • After filling the left edge with tiles and the adjacent edge, proceed to fill the rest of the space with whole tiles.
  • When you come up to a wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a sharp tile cutter and put the trimmed tiles into place.
  • When trimming the tiles into place, make sure you leave about a 3/4” space between the tiles and the edge or obstruction.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.
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Can I install these on EPDM roofing material or will it damage the roofing material?
Brandon Gallas
Deck tiles are not recommended to be installed directly over EPDM roofing, as any sharp pieces underneath the floor could cause it to tear.
Can you pressure wash it? How is it stabilized up against the side of the house?
You can power wash them and use a decking solution. Deck tiles are an overlay product, they do not screw into anything or glue down to anything. Its similar to putting a rug down.
How do you finish an exposed edge?
On the sides that have exposed tabs, we recommend cutting the tabs off with a table saw or tile cutter.
Can these be installed on top of an outdoor gravel base?
For best results, we recommend installing our Naturesort Deck Tiles directly over concrete, but you can try to install these tiles over a level and very dense outdoor gravel base if you wish.
Can these tiles be applied over wood? If so, how? Is this product slippery when wet?
Naturesort Deck Tiles (8 Slat) can be installed over wood. When wet, these tiles can be somewhat slippery, but with these tiles being vented, they are more slip resistant than concrete or tile.
Can these be installed over an existing wood deck be? Would they be slippery by a pool?
Our Naturesort Deck Tiles (8 Slat) can be installed over an existing wood deck. These tiles are vented so water would not pool on top of the tiles. They may become slippery when wet, but are more slip resistant than concrete.
these can be placed right over existing wood deck ?
These DIY deck tiles can be installed over any level surface.
can this be installed on old PT decking? will it cause dry rot?
Yes you can. It will not lead to dry rot but may cause stain.
My front porch is cement, about 10'X12'. Will your cover apply over cement?
These tiles can be installed directly over top of cement.
Are these squares slip resistant?
These tiles do provide some slip resistance and are better than concrete.
Can this hold the weight of a hot tub?
Deck tiles can support the weight of a hot tub, as long as decking is installed over solid, flat surface.
Can this product be used over grass?
Deck tiles should be installed over a level, solid flat surface. Grass is uneven and may not allow the tiles to interlock properly.
What tool would you use to cut/trim these pieces to fit?
You can use any type of saw.
Does it last through the winter? Is it ok with snow?
We have not had any issues with snow, but the dampness may be an issue.
Can these be used on a concrete pool deck? My concern is water pooling under the tiles and mold growth here in southern Florida.
Deck tiles allow for water drainage as well as air circulation underneath the tiles.
What percentage of expansion/contraction can be expected with temperature and moisture variations?
Gorden Shelp
The percentage of expansion/contraction is 0.2%.
it says 3/4 inch thickness, it that including the plastic backing or it that just the tile?
That is total thickness, top to bottom.
Do these tiles get hot? It seems to me that a deck made of these (or overlaid with these) would hotter than a wood deck. Thanks
These tiles can get hot in direct sunlight like any surface that is outdoors. You can always spray them down to cool them temporarily.
Are the 12x12 deck tiles waterproof? Meaning if I install them over my second story wood deck would the water go right through to the first floor or not? If yes, what could I do between the tile and wood deck that would water proof without rotting the wood?
Victor Davanzo
The Naturesort Deck Tiles (8 Slat) are water-resistant and great for outdoor decks. Yes, you can install these over your wood deck. These tiles are vented so will let water pass through so you can simply place a plastic sheet between the deck tiles and the wood deck to protect the wood and make holes in the plastic sheet wherever you need the water to go through.
Do you still need to stain the deck under the tiles to prevent rotting?
It is always a good idea to stain or seal your deck to avoid rotting since moisture will cause your deck to dry rot.
For installing over wood deck, in one answer you say doing this won’t lead to dry rot. In another you say to stain or seal before installing in order to avoid dry rot. I am very interested in doing this for my weathered deck on the south side of the house. 300 sq feet. central N.Y.
To avoid dry rot, we recommend staining or sealing your wood deck before installing our deck tiles over it.
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Average Rating

Customer review image of  in Concrete patio
Customer review image of  in Concrete patio
Customer review image of  in Concrete patio
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Self-installed in Concrete patio
Anonymous from Brenham, TX wrote...
We ordered 31 cases of the Naturesort 8 slat composite deck tiles (grey) for our formerly plain looking concrete patio. The old concrete was stained and had a single large crack caused by an old tree root. After grinding down and filling the crack, I installed the deck tiles. They were pretty easy to install, except for the time it took to trim the edge pieces to fit. I did the cutting on a table saw, and they were easy to cut. However, depending on where the cut lined up, I had to relocate the screws on the back that held the composite deck material to the plastic base, which took a little extra time. Still, I was able to lay all 31 cases (about 340 square feet) by myself in one day. We are very pleased with the end result...they make our patio look brand new and it's now fun place to hang out! My experience with was excellent. They had the best price of anyone I found, so I ordered over the phone, and was clearly informed about the shipping procedures. The tiles arrived at my house via semi-trailer truck within a few days of ordering them, and actually sooner than promised. The quality of the product seems to be good, and the composite material is very tough. If needed, the tiles can easily be hosed off, as the design allows for water to run off underneath the tiles. My only very minor complaint so far is that leaves sometimes get stuck upright in the cracks of the tile. I use my leaf blower to quickly remove leaves and debris, but there are always a few leaves that I have to bend down and remove by hand. Overall however, I would give both the seller and the product a big thumbs up! Thanks...
Customer review image of  in Terrace
Customer review image of  in Terrace
Customer review image of  in Terrace
Customer review image of  in Terrace
Larger Image
  Great product!!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Terrace
Diego R. from Downtown Minneapolis wrote...
We just finished a project on our downtown Minneapolis terrace using the Naturesort Deck Tiles (8 Slat) and wanted to share the end result. We love your product. It was easy to install even when we had to cut some of the tiles. Great product!!
  8 Slat tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Outdoor deck on second floor of house.
Anonymous from Space Coast Florida wrote...
Tiles are rich looking and modern. They were very easy to install. So much lighter and less expensive than lumber or engineered wood. A few of my neighbors liked the look and the idea of outdoor tiles. The Company was nice to deal with and shipping was free!
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