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International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

International Women’s Day 2018: #IAmEnough

International Women’s Day: #IAmEnough

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked women to share their ‘I Am Enough’ moment with us. When was the moment they discovered that they were enough? Just as they are.

As women, we are constantly flooded with messages that make us feel like we are not enough. Not pretty enough, not smart enough, not good enough.

The truth is, you are ‌enough. On your own.

You don’t have to do anything or prove your value. The moment you decide you are enough is the moment you begin to live your life just for you.

Share Your Story

Do you have an #IAmEnough moment you want to share? Here’s how:

The promises I made keep me going because #IAmEnough

International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

Alaina, 24
Scottsdale, AZ

I was picked on and bullied through middle school and high school for my weight, the way I dressed, and not being popular. I began to take the negativity out on myself and before I knew it I was starving myself.

My only desire was to be a size zero because I hated my body. I remember my hair falling out, my bones showing through my skin, and being so weak walking up the stairs was a challenge. One day I blacked out while working out and that’s when I realized I was killing myself.

I turned my obsession with wanting to be a size zero to wanting to be fit. That’s when I picked up the weights and began to forge who I am today.

Seven years later, I stepped on stage for my first figure show and now find myself empowering women to be themselves and find beauty in their strength. The promises I made to myself to never go back to what I was is what keeps me going today because I am enough.

I may have to work harder than most, but #IAmEnough

International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

Susan, 54
Phoenix, AZ

It was my 8th-grade algebra class when our teacher was reading our semester grades out loud. When he said my name and announced to the class that I had an A, the class gasped in disbelief.

You see, I was the student that had to work extra hard for good grades, and I asked a lot of,  what other kids thought were, “stupid” questions. Because of this I never felt smart, I never thought that I was smart enough.

After the kids gasped in disbelief and started saying things like, how could she possibly get an A, the teacher looked at everyone and said,

She works hard, asks questions and never gives up. These are the qualities that it takes to succeed.

From that moment on, I felt smart and worthy of that A. I may have had to work harder than most, but that teacher taught me that I was enough.

Since then I have continued to work hard through 3 USA Olympic Marathon Trials and  4 US Masters Marathon Championships. Now, as a coach, I teach my athletes the same thing every single day.

#IAmEnough for her. I am her whole world.

International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

Erica, 26
Tempe, AZ

I have had many moments in my life where I felt like I wasn’t good enough. There was someone who was always better. As it is in any case.

But when I truly felt like I was enough was when I brought my little girl into this world. Even though I was so imperfect, I was enough for her. I was her whole world. I’ve made plenty of mistakes with her thus far, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am enough.

I am worth it. #IAmEnough

International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

Deb, 34
Tempe, AZ

From 2010-2016, I birthed two children, completed graduate school, and established a successful (but very stressful) career. During that time, I was so focused on my family and career that I had completely taken my health and emotional needs for granted.

My BMI had reached the level of obesity and my blood pressure was steadily increasing, almost to the point of needing medication. In December of 2016, I decided to make my physical and emotional needs my top priority.

My primary care provider recommended that I aim to lose 1lb per week. I had done countless extreme diets in the past and, while I usually lost weight on those diets fairly quickly, the pounds always found their way back when the diet ended. I didn’t want this to turn into (another) failed resolution, so I was happy with this modest goal, even if it meant I wouldn’t meet my goal weight for 18 months or more.

Instead of selecting a diet to lose weight, I committed myself to 3-5 days of exercise per week. I played team sports throughout high school and college, so I knew that I was capable of performing intense physical activity, and I knew that working out with friends would make it fun.

My brother was a Crossfit coach and many of my friends raved about the awesome-ness of Crossfit, so I decided to go for it and I signed up for a 6-month membership. I instantly fell in love with the workouts and community.

When the first six months of my Crossfit membership ended, I was amazed at how much progress I had made. I lost 25lbs, which averaged to about 1lb of weight loss per week; some weeks I lost several pounds and other weeks I didn’t lose any.

In the past I would have been discouraged during the weeks I didn’t lose weight, but this time I kept my long-range goal in mind. I loved the program and community so much that, after a few months, the pounds of weight loss didn’t mean nearly as much to me as the pounds of weight I was now able to lift over my head!

I made dozens of new friends, who pushed me to set and achieve fitness goals that I had never imagined before. In October, I took second place in a team competition and in December I ran my first half marathon.

Now physical fitness is as important to me as breathing. I spend Sunday nights reviewing the week’s workouts at the gym and coordinating workout times with my friends, rather than stressing about my workweek. I eat right to achieve my fitness goals, so extra pounds now lose me and I don’t have to fight to lose them.

My fitness journey has taught me that physical strength enhances strength in almost every other aspect of life. As a result of this journey, I am now a better mom, better friend, better colleague, and better me.

I am worth it. #IAmEnough

#IAmEnough and I can do whatever I put my mind to

International Women's Day: #IAmEnough. We asked women to share their #IAmEnough moment to celebrate International Women's Day

Marie, 41
Mesa, AZ

I had a yoga teacher once tell me,

You are the same person on the mat as you are off the mat.

I’ve incorporated this into all my fitness endeavors.

I challenge myself to always improve, always be better than I was yesterday and sometimes looking at a daunting task that I’m not sure is possible…until I do it.

Then I realize I had it all along. I am enough and I can do whatever I put my mind to and am willing to work for!

What Was Your #IAmEnough Moment?

We’d love to hear the moment you discovered your worth. Share in the comments or post on social media with #IAmEnough and tag @rubberflooringinc.


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