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Carpet tiles are a new trend for you to consider--so easy and maintainable!

Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

Why choose carpet tiles? Carpet tiles are a fairly recent development in flooring, and they might seem like an odd choice, but read on and you will learn all the benefits of choosing carpet tiles!

Carpet tiles are a new trend for you to consider--so easy and maintainable!

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Everywhere you go, carpet is there. Carpet can be found at work, in your home and even in bathrooms. Yes even in bathrooms. Carpet is great because it is comfortable. And for the most part, is very easy to clean. But over the last few years carpet has become the red headed step child of flooring. Sorry Gingers. This hatred for carpet can be found everywhere. In blogs, in magazines, and even passed along by realtors. Well, its time to bring carpet back from the brink. And a new type of carpet I think will do the trick.

Carpet tiles are a new trend for you to consider--so easy and maintainable!

So why should you buy carpet tile? Well there are a number reasons to add this flooring to your home. Some of these selling points are listed below.

  1. Carpet tiles are very durable. Carpet tiles have been used in commercial spaces since the 50s and businesses are putting them in more than any other flooring type. So if they are good enough for the airports, they have to be great for your home.
  2. Carpet tiles allow you to create unique flooring spaces. Since you purchase them by the tile, you can create custom rugs or floors that suit any purpose.
  3. Carpet tiles are safe. These tiles are some of the safest floors on the market today. Many tiles have properties from mold and mildew resistance, to helping to improve the indoor air quality of a room. So not more worrying about noxious fumes coming from your floor.
  4. Installation of carpet tiles is a very big advantage compared to most flooring types. Most if not all carpet tiles can be installed with ease. Many have peel and stick backings and some come with installation tabs that is special type of double sided tape. This makes rearranging your floor or replacing a tile a breeze.
  5. Lastly carpet tiles have some of the best warranties in the flooring industry. Most carpet tiles come with a lifetime warranty. Laminate flooring can’t say that and neither can most engineered wood floors. So this means that no matter how long you live whether it be 100, 1000 or a million years, these tiles will be covered.

Carpet tiles are a new trend for you to consider--so easy and maintainable!

So as you can see, there are a number of reasons why people should give carpet tile a look. These floor tiles are great for any room in your home, even your bathroom, and give you a safe long lasting alternative to most other flooring types. So make sure you check out our large selection of carpet tile and once you have it iinstalled make sure to send us the pictures!  We love pictures, who doesn’t!

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