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Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business!

Photo Friday

Welcome to Photo Friday! This is where we show our real-life customer photos and stories. You will see beyond the product photos into how our products look in everyday homes.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? Time to celebrate and share our favorite photos from our favorite people! This week’s edition of Photo Friday is all about carpet tiles!

Photo Friday: See how our products look in every day homes!

Above photos of The Brights Carpet Tiles in a day care. All tiles were installed by customer Kate. Way to go, Kate!! We love the way your daycare turned out! Here’s what others are saying:

We are very pleased with our purchase. The tile was very easy to install and the quality and color are extremely satisfactory. They have given our floor space a much-needed facelift. – Anonymous

My daughter and I were able to install them ourselves in about an hour and a half. So stage one of her bedroom is complete and she loves her new carpet. – Mary

The colors were great, I mixed the Khaki with Orange Peel for accent and it really looks great. All my friends and family love it. I also love how easy it was to install with some double-sided tape. -Julie

Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles

Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business! Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business!


We used the tiles for our Annual Boat Expo to create a better look to our Booth and cut costs with reducing anout of carpet with squares. It went down easy and was soft under foot for the 10 days of use. We look forward to using it again in the Summer show. The flexability allows us to change the shape of the booth without extra expence. via Slalom Shop Boats and Yachts

Thanks so much Slalom Shop Boats and Yachts! We’re so glad your show was a success! Here’s what others are saying:

We thought this would be a good in-between choice (between the higher and lower end products). It turned out to be perfect for our needs. It was extremely easy to install. We used it in the basement and I did 90% by myself in about 1/2 day. We have young kids and pets and need something easy to clean – which these tiles are. We already had to test that factor! And if worse comes to worse, we can easily pop out a tile and replace it. We are very happy with these tiles and they give our basement a warmer feel. – Rosemary

They are pretty easy to install, and the finished product looks great. I highly recommend this company and their product! – Anonymous

Not only does it look great but it insulates from the cold concrete floor. I am very satisfied with my floors and highly recommend them to everyone I see. Hope to order more for the family area downstairs soon. – Anonymous


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