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Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business!

Photo Friday 7

Welcome to Photo Friday! This is where we show our real-life customer photos and stories. You will see beyond the product photos into how our products look in everyday homes.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? Time to celebrate and share our favorite photos from our favorite people! This week’s edition of Photo Friday is all about garage tiles! Whether you’re looking to make a workspace, a “Man Cave”, or just looking to update your garage, these are a great option. Here’s what people have done with them:

Diamond Grid-Loc Tiles:

Photo Friday: See how our products look in an every day home or business!

Installing this floor in my garage added an extra room to the house…not only is the garage a great place for our cars it also was setup for a nice workshop and party room. The installation was simple and fun…the material is very durable but easy to work with. – Anonymous

I love my floor! I installed by myself in one day! – Harrison

Delivery was fast and accurate. Installation was easy and I cut the edge pieces easily with my table saw. The results are a great looking floor that totally transformed my garage…I would definitely recommend these for a garage but maybe not if you plan to do any heavy automotive work. – Doug

I really liked how easy it was to install. I filled out the design on the computer and it told me how many squares of each color I had to order and it was perfect. I love the way it looks and all my friends are jealous. Thank you Guys. – Jim

I have wanted to update and change the look of my 3 car garage and workbench area since I bought the house a few years ago. It is 25 year old garage floor that had two coats of paint previously applied, and it was coming up in different layers. Painting again was an option, but was going to require stripping the floor back down to bare concrete; a very difficult, messy and expensive procedure. Then I found this site online, laid out a design similar to one I liked online, and got it ordered within an hour. It arrived within a week, and I installed most of it all by myself within about 4 hours in my 3 car bay, and workbench areas. I took a couple more hours to do the edges that needed cutting. I also added a slatwall for wall storage to complete the new look. I used a circular saw with a fine blade for the cuts, and a combination of my foot and a rubber mallet to snap them together. Overall, I love the look, and how it transformed the area. – Robert

Here’s what others are saying:

Excellent product at a very good price. Beautiful tile quality and easy to assemble. I am very pleased with the look, durability and color options. I installed my first project in the 30 min after UPS delivered the package.I made a second order for another project in a few days. Its comfortable to walk on with or without shoes. It is also easy to disassemble and reconfigure. A rubber hammer is key. If your project plan requites inside corners they are very easy to make using the square trim and a miter box. Thanks for the great product and the quick shipping. I ‘ ll be back. – Viper

The result is outstanding. Looks terrific and is easy to clean. We put a 2 foot border around the perimeter of bronze color and filled in with Sahara. Really pleased. – Frank
Product came very quickly… Great quality , durability, easy to put together… Would totally recommend to anyone looking to upgrade current garage or showroom or office. – Chris

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