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3 Tips to Create the Perfect Mom's Room: Make your space both kid and mom friendly with these just a few easy tricks!

The Perfect Mom Room: 3 Simple Tips

The Perfect Mom Room: 3 Simple Tips

Finding your own space after having kids can be a challenge, but with these 3 simple tips to create the perfect mom room, you’ll have your own space back in no time without compromising your kiddo’s safety or fun!

Let’s be real. For most of us, there is no such thing as a just-for-mom room. If you try to make a just-for-mom room, it will quickly become the room you hide in while your darling children scream MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU and wiggle their tiny, filthy fingers under the door, as if their fingertips can find you by smell. Ah, the joy of motherhood!

But all is not lost: you can still design a mom-friendly space that makes your life a heckuva lot easier and makes mommying a lot less hectic. Use these three tricks to outsmart the turmoil that is motherhood and reclaim your living room.

1. Spill proof EVERYTHING.

The most important part of creating a mom-friendly space is to spill proof the area without sacrificing design. Face it: children are stain machines. Unless you want to spend the next decade of your life scrubbing macaroni (or worse) out of the carpet, you should probably invest in hard flooring. Hard floors magically transform every spill from an “OMG emergency” to a “NBD, I’ll wipe it up later.” For moms, we recommend tile (either porcelain or ceramic), laminate and vinyl. All 3 are easy to maintain and durable enough to stand up to your kiddos for a good, long time.. For your furniture, make sure you choose stain resistant fabrics, or at least a design that won’t easily show spills. Don’t want to ruin your coffee table? Add a fitted, smooth-edged piece of glass to the top to protect the surface.

2. Add softness.

The hard floor helps with spills and sounds, but moms know a room with hard edges and surfaces is a recipe for bumps and bruises. That’s why the second trick on our list is to add softness. Add rubber edging to tables or hard corners, and place an attractive area rug at the bottom of stairs. Use throw rugs to pad any place where little feet will run – just make sure the rugs you choose won’t easily show stains.

If you have a very little one, grab some foam tiles that can quickly be laid out to create a crawl space (double points if you can find tiles in colors that compliment the décor, so it feels coordinated). If you know you’re going to be nursing or rocking a baby, only get pillows that are genuinely comfortable. None of that pretty-but-useless stuff. If you’re going to be standing for awhile (for instance, my baby needed to be walked to sleep…if I sat down, she screamed), consider getting a fatigue mat so your legs won’t hate you at the end of the day.

3. Divide and conquer.

Finding your own space after kids can be a challenge. With these 3 simple tips, create the perfect mom room & you'll have your own space back in no time.

Now that your space is spill and accident proof, it’s time to make some elbow room for mom. We suggest the divide-and-conquer approach. Instead of trying to squeeze in toys around your existing furniture layout, just feng shui that ish so you have distinctly separate Mom Space and Baby Space. A strategically placed couch or a colorful throw rug can help visually divide the layout. Next, grab some adorable color-coordinated bins and set them along the side of the Kid Space. Now, dump all the toys, books, foam mats, etc into the bins. No need to organize, unless you truly feel like it. Viola! You have your space back and your kids have a space to play. And it looks organized.

You can do this with counter space too: designate a couple of clutter-free surfaces and commit to not piling junk there. That way, you’ll always have a clean space to use if you need a quick place to put your purse or beverage.

With these tricks and a few well-placed air fresheners, you can reclaim your space and your sanity without sacrificing your commitment to your kids. Do you have other tricks for creating a perfect mom room? Comment below!

Finding your own space after kids can be a challenge. With these 3 simple tips, create the perfect mom room & you'll have your own space back in no time.


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