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New Flooring for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we’ve come up with 6 reasons to give new flooring for Father’s Day.

6 Reasons to give new flooring for Father's Day

I don’t know about you, but the men in my life are ridiculously hard to shop for. No joke, every time I’ve asked my stepdad what he’d like for any holiday he has replied with something like socks, or a Starbucks gift card. Also, my husband? He wants all sorts of gadgets that I don’t even understand. It seems like men either don’t like to ask for what they want, or they want so many things that you (or at least I) don’t understand that it becomes so hard to get them a meaningful gift.

6 Reasons to give new flooring for Father's Day

The great thing about giving new flooring is you have so many things to choose from. Want to create a garage work space? You can order some garage tiles or garage rolls. Does he love sports? Fan mats make the perfect “man cave” or game room. Or if he’s a fitness fanatic, you can give him the home gym he’s been dreaming of with rubber or foam flooring. Maybe he’s more into home and style? Then you will all probably appreciate some gorgeous new engineered hardwood or beautiful laminate.

6 Reasons to give new flooring for Father's Day

Why such a grand gift? As if you even had to ask, but here are just a few reasons:

1. He works hard. Whether he goes into an office every day, has a physically demanding job, or he’s a stay at home dad, chances are he is working as hard as he can every day. and not for his own benefit, but for his family’s.

2. Everyone deserves their own space. It used to bother me that my husband was obsessed with the “man cave” idea ever since he saw I Love You Man, but one day I realized that he is totally allowed to have his own space and, let’s be honest, I spread out enough to make the entire rest of the house my space. He deserves so much more than just a room.

3. He would do it for you. You know he would.

4. He will probably use it to do nice things for you. If you give him a garage workspace. he will probably spend time changing your oil and doing maintenance on your vehicle. Make it a home gym? Well, I don’t need to tell you the benefits there! Either way, chances are he will spend lots of time in his space thinking about how to make the other people in his life happy.

5. Chances are you want all of his stuff to have its own space just as badly as he does. Or maybe that’s just me?

6. Because it will make him feel appreciates. And he deserves that. Truth.

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