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Eco-Friendly Flooring Guide: bamboo

Looks We Love: Bamboo

With Looks We Love: Bamboo, we will give you everything you need to know to start your decorating vision from the bottom up with bamboo flooring. 

Looks We Love: Bamboo--Start your design from the bottom up with bamboo floors!

There are houses with nice decorations, and then there are those that leave you wondering what you’re doing wrong. Veteran decorators know that great design is all about striking the perfect balance of colors, textures, and statement pieces. A thoughtful flooring choice is the first step to creating a space that captures your style and your guests’ attention. We love the ways bamboo flooring is being used to transform homes into elegant and unique spaces.


Take it to the next level

Looks We Love: Bamboo--Start your design from the bottom up with bamboo floors!

One way to call attention to the dimensions of your space is with bamboo stair treads (commonly referred to as “the top part of the stairs”). This is a subtle yet effective way to create texture without making a space look “busy” with design. Bamboo flooring is excellent for this look because it works easily with different spaces (unlike tile) and keeps stairs easy to clean (unlike carpet). If you’re feeling a little more colorful, you can offset the smooth bamboo look with colorful statement tiles on the vertical wall of each stair. This approach lets you incorporate the look of the rest of the room. Italian porcelain? Mexican prints? The options are limitless. Or you can add a unique accent by coupling different hues of bamboo. A lighter streak going down the middle of the stairs creates a bold but sophisticated “table runner” look, while alternating colors on stair treads is more playful – perfect if the kids’ rooms are upstairs.

Fun with textures


Bamboo has such a smooth and calm feel, making it wonderful to offset other textures. Dark bamboo flooring (like a deep mahogany) is beautiful against an eggshell wall. This pairing draws attention to the wall decorations, so keep a minimalist approach when filling space. A medium bamboo tone (like grey or a light-brown stain) is beautiful against a stone fireplace or underneath a note-worthy rug. In the kitchen, stainless steel and marble is striking against the clean backdrop of natural-wood bamboo. Stainless steel pairs well with a variety of colors. For marble, match the bamboo to a tone in the marble for a strikingly coordinated effect.

Beyond the basics


Want something unique? With bamboo, your flooring can be designed to match a statement wall feature, like the sides of a kitchen island, bar, or recessed wall shelving. Bamboo is an excellent option for houses where you want each room to have unique feel without feeling overly segmented. What other option seamlessly transitions from the rustic farm look of your dining room to the clean, Italian countryside style of your kitchen, to the classic-den vibe of your home office? Bamboo is also as timeless as it is beautiful: a bold brown paired with pastel walls makes for a sweet nursery that easily converts into a polished guest room or office.


Call a representative today to ask how bamboo can turn your house into your home.

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