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Kitchen Inspiration: 10 Farmhouse Kitchens

Everybody needs some inspiration! If you’re on the hunt for your next kitchen floor idea, we’ve rounded some farmhouse kitchens up for you. Even better, we’ll recommend our best products to keep the hunt to a minimum. 

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you know that farmhouse kitchens are all the rage right now. Perhaps kicked off by Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper, everyone seems to be climbing on board with this rustic look.

The best thing about the farmhouse kitchen look is how it ranges from rustic to vintage, to totally modern. There’s a farmhouse kitchen for your particular taste out there. You’re also going to find a bunch of kitchen floor ideas, too. Don’t believe me? Let’s get started.

Here are 10 farmhouse kitchens to fall in love with.

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Classic Farmhouse

classic farmhouse kitchens

From Bless’er House

Nothing says “breath of fresh air” like white cabinets. With the white cabinets, white stools, and large white sink, this kitchen is classically farmhouse.

Don’t forget the wood accents! I love the use of wood-look planks on the bar. It really brings the rustic to this kitchen. Also notice how the square stone tiles match the color tones of the wood color, as well as the granite countertops. The use of wood and stone really brings this kitchen together.

Quirky Farmhouse

quirky farmhouse kitchens

From Jessica Anhert Davis @ Nest Studio

I’m totally in love with this kitchen. From the milk paint finish of the cabinets to the patterned kitchen floor. For a quirky or vintage flair, a patterned floor can really make a statement in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

I love the reclaimed table as a kitchen island and how the wood matches the wood trim on the window. Mixing the old and new makes for a fun, unique space.

Copper Farmhouse

copper farmhouse kitchens

From Christina’s Adventures

Copper, a thing of the past, is totally back in again.

This copper sink serves as a focal point in the kitchen, but it’s complemented by copper pendant lights and bronze brushed finishes.

What’s the perfect accessory for a copper sink? A rich, dark wood kitchen floor. I love the wire-brushed look of this floor; it gives the space some rustic texture. It also compliments the vintage-look of the wood cabinet.

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Coastal Farmhouse

coastal farmhouse kitchens

From Sand & Sisal

This kitchen is definitely more coastal than farmhouse, but it has some farmhouse elements!

From the white cabinets to the wood floors, this kitchen shows how sleek a coastal farmhouse mashup can look.

The weathered oak kitchen floor matches perfectly with white and sea-green colors. The light-colored floors help make this kitchen look big, bright, and airy.

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The All-White Farmhouse

white farmhouse kitchens

From Gina Kirk

Have you found what all these farmhouse kitchens have in common? It’s the white cabinets. A total trademark of the farmhouse look.

Though this kitchen is more modern with stainless steel appliances and finishes, the wood cabinets add a bit of farmhouse charm to the space. I love the paneled wood bar area. It’s a small detail that brings unique character to this kitchen.

The addition of a cream-colored floor adds warmth to the kitchen. It also matches nicely with the warm color of the granite. This stone and wood combination is classic, clean, and sharp.

Vintage Farmhouse

vintage farmhouse kitchens

From Our Vintage Home

This kitchen is peak vintage farmhouse. From the reclaimed wood, open shelving, to the painted cabinets, this kitchen is totally inspired by the past.

I’m a sucker for reclaimed items and this kitchen makes good use of it. I love the distressed look of the table as an island, and also open wood shelves. It’s a cute way to display your prettiest coffee cups.

I love the light grout used on this tile. It makes the square tile pattern totally pop. Also notice how the tile is staggered, which gives it an updated, modern look.

Contemporary Farmhouse

contemporary farmhouse kitchens

From Jenna Sue Design Co.

The contemporary feel of this kitchen will have even the most resistant of farmhouse decor haters saying “yes!”

The best part of this kitchen is the use of wood. I love how the wood beams are slightly darker than the wood floor to make the space look richer and more luxurious. The dark bronze finishes also elevate this look past dated, to very contemporary and luxe.

Accessorize this kitchen with a long farmhouse table and a classic white farmhouse sink, and you got the perfect homey space to entertain.

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Chic Farmhouse

chic farmhouse kitchens

From Practically Spoiled

Who says farmhouse can’t come with a little bling? I’m from the south, and southern charm is always pro-chic finishes.

These small chandeliers add a lot of personality to this kitchen, but the brushed metal finishes are totally in line with farmhouse style.

My favorite part is the floor. Notice the use of tiles of different sizes. With this style, you can create fun patterns and it also makes the kitchen floor look more custom and elegant.

Small-Space Farmhouse

farmhouse kitchens

From The Little White Farm House by Kaley Ann

This one is for all the people who have small square footage (ahem, me!). This one is probably my favorite kitchen on this list. Let me list the ways I love thee, Kitchen. 

First off, I love the concrete countertops. They are super in right now, but also are a great way to add a more natural element to your kitchen. Speaking of natural, have you seen those dark wood floors? Total heart eyes, amiright? The dark wood floors serve as a great contrast for the white cabinets, but also compliment the dark grout of the backsplash. The dark finishes on the farmhouse sink and the towel rack also highlight the richness of the wood floor.

Did I mention the backsplash? I’m in love with classic subway tile. I’m so glad it’s been rediscovered with farmhouse decor.

Turquoise Farmhouse

turquoise farmhouse kitchens

From Shannan Martin Writes

I can’t give you a list of farmhouse kitchen inspiration pics without showing you turquoise accents. It’s basically illegal.

So turquoise is a total southern glam-girl color. From the pendant above the island to the island itself, this kitchen is glam. I love how this kitchen creates a turquoise focal point. Even more so, I love all the natural elements in this kitchen.

The honey-toned wood floors match perfectly with the honey-toned stools and kitchen island. All the wood in this kitchen creates a warm and inviting space.

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I hope with this inspiration, you get a ton of kitchen floor ideas. Even more so, I hope these farmhouse kitchens help guide any kitchen renovation goals you have. You get your kitchen floor inspiration, we’ll take care of the rest. Happy shopping!

Check out some more inspiration in our farmhouse inspired video!







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