How to Install Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet Tiles in 4 easy steps!

Carpet tiles are your simple. easy and child-proof carpet solution! Learn how to install carpet tiles in just 4 easy steps!

How to Install Carpet Tiles in 4 easy steps!

Did you know carpet tiles were a thing? I didn’t for a long time, and then I was confused by them, but what sold me is how easy they are to replace. Red wine spill? No problem-o! You can just replace that piece rather than driving yourself crazy trying to get it out. You can use them almost anywhere including a kid’s play room:

How to Install Carpet Tiles in 4 easy steps!


How to Install Carpet Tiles in 4 easy steps!

Or home gym:

How to Install Carpet Tiles in 4 easy steps!

They’re perfect if you have kids and/or pets, and the installation is a breeze. You can save yourself a fortune on an installer by following this easy step-by-step video and installing them yourself. You only need a few simple tools to begin.

Here’s what you need to get started:

  • T Square
  • Sticky tabs
  • Knife
  • Double sided carpet tape

There are a few different patterns you can follow–it all depends on what you like, and how you want your particular room to look.

Popular methods of installation:

To install your carpet tiles:

  1. Brush off and clean up any loose fibers.
  2.  Use either sticky tabs or double-sided carpet tape to secure carpet tiles. Adhere 4 tiles for every 1 sticky tab or tape piece.
  3. When you reach a wall or obstruction, measure tile and cut excess material.
  4. Put cut tile into place and repeat with remaining tiles until space is filled.

Carpet tiles are extremely versatile, easy to install, and easy to maintain, They are the perfect option for anyone who loves carpet, but is worried about upkeep and installation. Check out all of our carpet tiles here, and order some free samples today. Have questions? Leave a comment, shoot us an email, or even try our live web chat, and we’ll make sure we get ya all fixed up.

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