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How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!

How to Create the Ultimate Garage

How to Create the Ultimate Garage

The garage is so much more than where you park your car! It can be your man cave, home gym, or workshop. Make it stand out and learn how to create the ultimate garage. 

These days, more and more homeowners are using their garages not for just storing their cars. Many like to use it as a workshop, home gym, or even a play area for their kids. Others would like to have it as their office or a home theater. Nonetheless, lots of folks use it to park their cars in cold or inclement weather. This means the garage is increasingly becoming an extension of the house.

But the first thing you need to do is draw a plan on some graph paper and set a budget for how much you want to invest. However, remember to keep a little “wiggle room” budget-wise in case you say “as long as we’re at it, we might as well….”

Before anything else: Clean the garage up!

Get rid of all that stuff you no longer use. There are lots of charities that can give a second life to things you don’t want. Want to make a few extra bucks? Have a garage sale and bring in a little cash to help you spruce up the rest of the diggs.

Start your ultimate garage from the ground up!

How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!  How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!

The floor sets the tone for the entire garage, and you want to start your ultimate garage off in style! New to garage flooring? There’s lots to choose from! Try a classic checkered look using garage tiles, or go for an, cost-effective garage roll. Wanting more of a home gym? Check out some rubber flooring. Carpet tiles are the perfect option for more of a man cave, hang out type space.

Select the ultimate garage door that meets your needs

How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!  How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!

Head outside and analyze the fourth wall: the garage door. It’s an important part of your garage, both for the practicality and beauty, and should match the overall look of your home. To help you along, why not build your dream garage door by using a Design Centre of a garage door manufacturer like Garaga. You’ll be surprised by the variety of colors and styles.

Does my garage door need windows?

That depends on the amount of natural light you want. If you already have windows in your current garage door, is that number sufficient for you? Light can also be added by interior fixtures (fluorescents, recessed, etc.). Remember that the warmer or colder the area you live in, more windows (or even the garage itself) will increase energy costs for heating or air conditioning.

What about insulation and weather-tightness for my garage door?

Good question! These are important points to consider when choosing your garage door. When insulated with polyurethane foam, you are getting the best thermal resistance factor. This type of insulation adheres to the two walls of the door, ensuring top resistance to compression and flexion –> short story, the temperature is more easily maintained. And that’s not all – let’s talk about being weather-tight. Even though your door provides good insulation, it is important to know how it stands up to heat, cold and wind. Is the weatherstripping doing its job at the bottom of the door, between sections and around the exterior perimeter? Are there hidden thermal bridges in any locations? Make sure you get all the answers to ensure you get everything you need!

Deck the (garage) walls

Can’t forget the walls! Usually, applying a good stain-resistant pain will do. If your garage is small, light colors will make it seem larger. Paint the ceiling white for the same reason. Some homeowners protect the walls by installing 4 feet of exterior vinyl siding. In addition, there are slatwalls, either in wood or PVC, so objects can be easily hung on the walls.

Don’t forget to decorate! Put up posters of your favorite sports teams, dream cars, or family. Do you participate in running/cycling/swimming/etc. races? Create a place to hang and display those medals!

And garage storage space…

Once again, the range of products on the market is extremely varied, from ready-to-assemble IKEA-style kits up to elaborate metal storage systems. Take time to determine your current and even future needs. You want to make sure you have space to put all your tools and gadgets so you can get maximum use out of your space without it getting too cluttered.

What garage musts have I forgotten?

Many times we forget some specific points when transforming our garage and it is often about electricity or plumbing. It is a great idea to add extra power outlets depending on how you use your garage.

Will you need better lighting, either general or for specific purposes? That goes for heating too: does it meet your needs? As for plumbing, will you be needing a utility sink? Try to get a good idea of exactly what you need at the beginning so that you can make sure all those needs are met.

Last, but not least…

You’ve created this perfect space–now have fun with it! Get some furniture for hanging out, the tools you need to do your work, or a set of dumbbells for lifting. Add your own touches and make this not only a functional space but an enjoyable space for you, your family and friends!

So, in a nutshell, those are the points you need to analyze if you want to turn your garage into a dream garage…. while also meeting all your needs. Order some free flooring samples to help make your decision and, in respect to the garage door, contact a garage door specialist in your area.

Talk about your project. This person will be able to advise you on the best choice to make as well as show you choices on a design center. At no cost to you, you’ll be shown different options based on your budget and also have any quotation explained to you in full.


How to Create the Ultimate Garage: From floor to decor, transform your garage into your dream space!

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