How to Clean Tile Floor

How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

Keep your tile floor looking like new with this tutorial on how to clean tile floor and a great, easy recipe for a natural cleaning solution!

How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

Cleaning. That word all on it’s own puts a pit in my stomach and a bad taste in my mouth. I hate putting time into cleaning on my quickly vanishing weekends… So I prefer that any cleaning that absolutely needs to be done – be done quickly and with little effort. That being said, cleaning tile can be a daunting task, but really should be little effort & done before you know it. Since most ceramic and porcelain tile are finished with a durable and impenetrable surface glaze, the flooring is incredibly forgiving and easy to clean. Water, dirt, liquids, and germs all come up easily since they cannot be absorbed into the dense tile.

 How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

It really helps to develop some sort of routine and frequency so that excessive buildup does not occur, which would make the task next to impossible.

Routine cleaning:

Sweep your floor surface areas routinely to remove light dirt and debris.

 How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

Clean your tile floor using an all purpose, low VOC household cleaner and the use of a cotton mop, cloth, or sponge.

 How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

If all purpose solutions concern you, there are definitely alternative cleaning methods that you can do & (thanks to the help of pinterest) many of these methods have become widely popular and are available at our fingertips. The good news is you do not need to use a bunch of harsh chemicals to clean these durable tiles. This may be particularly important to you if you have a family, an allergy, or just prefer a more natural solution.

If Family Friendly or Natural Cleaning is right up your alley, a white vinegar and water mixture might interest you. Vinegar helps to clean deep, and since it’s “edible” it is safe for children and the smell dissipates almost instantly. Vinegar will not cause any damage to the tile’s surface or leave any residue behind.

 All natural natural tile cleaning solution + How to clean tile floors!

Roughly 1 gallon of water to ½ cup white vinegar should be fine for a stronger natural cleaning agent. Use ¼ cup if you’d rather a lesser strength.

Another great option is always the steam mop. The only requirement here is water – and the ‘mop’ does the rest. Personally, I am not a standard mop and bucket of water kind of girl. I am in love with my steam mop and I will never go back to the traditional way. The steam mop is easy to push around and control while getting the floor as clean as possible.

 How to clean tile floors + an easy, natural cleaning solution

There are many great ways to clean a ceramic or porcelain tile flooring. And there are a few important things you should remember when it comes to caring for your tile:

  • Never, ever use a metallic brush on any tile surface as it could scratch and ruin the beautiful pattern.
  • Do not use wax, oil-based, abrasive cleaners, or sealants. 
  • Use rugs at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked onto the tile flooring from outdoors.

Tiles are scratch resistant but not scratch proof.

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sandra c craven

Maintenance Question

concerning our new CORETEC Plue XL
Plank Dimensions: 9X72X8.1MM
Color Selection: Alexandra Oak

How to vacuum
How to wash with what application….
Mop or ??
Product to wash with.
thank you


Like the website and will help with my ideas.

Zara Will

The solutions are easy to do at home. And the solution of white vinegar for natural cleaning is excellent.

Allen Stillinger

I really liked it when you said that vinegar and water is one of the best things to use to clean the tiles because they clean deeply and yet are safe to use around children. If that is the case, then I will give this a try as there are four kids living in the house with me. The whole flooring of the house will be changed to porcelain tile flooring, so I want to know how to clean without compromising anyone’s health and safety.

Michelle Barichello

That’s great, Allen! Thanks for the feedback. This is definitely a safer and more natural cleaning solution. Good luck with your flooring project!

Lilia Robberts

My tile is so dirty! I’ve tried sweeping and mopping, but it still has things stuck on it. Thank you for letting me know that steam mopping with vinegar is a great way to go. I also found it helpful that you suggest keeping up with the floor by having a routine so I am not put in this situation again. Along with following your advice, I want to look into a service that will deep clean my tiles for me. This will hopefully be easier than doing it all myself.


I liked your blog and all the tips you have mentioned here. It is quite a challenging task to maintain a clean house all year round to a standard where every corner of the house is cleaned spotlessly. Dusty carpets don’t look good when it comes to a clean house. A compact vacuum cleaner is a smart choice to remove all that dust from carpets and it can be handled easily.

Michelle Barichello


Sandra Patterson

I had no idea that a steam mop even exists, let alone that it is easy to push around get tile super clean! I am planning on installing tile in my kitchen, and I want to be sure that when it is installed that I will be able to keep it as clean as possible. Thanks for the tip, I think I’ll invest in a steam mop to clean the tiles when I get them!

Michelle Barichello

That’s great, Sandra! Steam mops are excellent.

Ashley Johnson

I like that you explained that one way to maintain your tile flooring is to sweep up debris often. Cleaning tile flooring sounds very easy to do and I’ve been looking at different materials to replace my floor with. I will consider having tile flooring installed to make cleaning easier.

Michelle Barichello


Stefan Bradley

It makes sense that setting a routine will help prevent dirt from building up on your tiles. My wife and I want to clean our tiles more frequently and were looking for ways that we can properly maintain them. It may be a good idea for us to hire a tile cleaning service to assist us occasionally.